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Price Groups - Legacy

The Legacy Price Group allows you to use the same kind of Price Groups which were available in previous versions of the Miva admin.


This type of Price Group was primarily added to Miva for backwards compatibility and really should not be used for new merchants or new discounts. The main two types the Legacy discount enables are Markup from Cost and Discount from Retail. Additional information on those can be found by clicking the respective type.

Creating a Legacy Price Group

To create a Price Group, click the Marketing header and then the Price Groups tab.

Alt text here

Next, click the Add Price Group button in the upper right corner.

Alt text here

In the box that opens, give your Price Group a name. Then decide what the Eligibility is for the Price Group you are creating. The choices are:

Finally, select Legacy in the type field.

Alt text here

Next, in the Discount Settings section, decide on your Pricing. The options are:

Alt text here

Next, in the Price Group Settings section you will set a Priority for the price group and Not Valid Before/After dates for the group.


In terms of Priority, if multiple discounts are being applied to the order, the higher priority discount is applied first. In the Miva admin, a priority 100 discount would be applied before one with a priority of 97. A discount with a priority of zero (0) would be applied last. If you set the priority of every price group to zero, the groups would be applied in the order in which they were created.

Finally, configure your desired Exclusions. For more info on configuring exclusions, click here.

When you have configured the Exclusions, click Save to create the Price Group.

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