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Miva allows store owners to use a Customer Quick Add Action (ICSQ), which allows you to create a new customer account in Miva with only a customer login/email and a password. All the other bill to and ship to fields are optional.

In addition, if this quick add is used on the order invoice page, the current order will automatically be linked to the newly created account.

The default theme for Miva, Shadows, has been updated to include the Quick Add action on the invoice page by default.

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Example: Quick Add Form

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Shadows Updates

Below is the default code to add this to your INVC screen if you are using Shadows.

Shadows Template Changes


When 10.00.05 was rolled out, it introduced a new runtime action, ICSQ, which allows customer accounts to be created with a limited set of fields, bypassing the configuration for required shipping and billing addresses. Field names are identical to the current ICST action.

The following fields are required:

The remaining fields are optional.

Customer_ShipFirstName Customer_ShipLastName
Customer_ShipEmail Customer_ShipCompany
Customer_ShipPhone Customer_ShipFax
Customer_ShipAddress1 Customer_ShipAddress2
Customer_ShipCity Customer_ShipState
Customer_ShipZip Customer_ShipCountry
Customer_BillFirstName Customer_BillLastName
Customer_BillEmail Customer_BillCompany
Customer_BillPhone Customer_BillFax
Customer_BillAddress1 Customer_BillAddress2
Customer_BillCity Customer_BillState
Customer_BillZip Customer_BillCountry

Error Handling

Any validation errors that occur in the new action, result in the customer_invalid_addinfo UI exception being thrown. If a customer enters a password that does not meet the minimum password requirements, or tries to create an account using an email address for an account which already exists, they will be sent to the Account Create Page (ACAD) with the appropriate error message.

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If the customer fixes the error and continues to create the account, the order they just placed will correctly be linked to the newly created account.

Order Linking

The ICST and ICSQ actions now support the ability to link a recently created order to a newly created customer account when the following criteria are met:

Basket Handling Post Order

To facilitate this functionality, baskets are handled differently post-order.

In previous versions of the software, after resetting the existing basket contents, a new basket entry was created only when the order was placed by a logged-in customer (this allowed the customer to stay logged in post order).

Now, a new basket entry is created for all transactions. This could result in slightly more entries in the sNN_Baskets table than in previous versions, but since the basket is only created post-order, and the intention is to encourage those users to create a customer account (which would have created a basket anyway), we do not believe this will be a major impact.

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