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Quote Page Templates

The quote custom fields are available on any of the quote emails, as well as the two new quote pages:

When the Manage Quotes module is installed, it automatically creates these two page templates. These page templates can be customized to match your store’s look and feel.

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Template Customization

There are five areas of your site that need to be updated and/or customized when setting up Manage Quotes:

  1. New Page Templates - QUOH and QUOT should be styled to match your store's look and feel.
  2. Add link to the Quote History List (QUOH) on the Account Landing page (ACLN).
  3. Modify Customer Login page (LOGN) to take customer to QUOT page upon login.
  4. Show link if a customer has any active quotes (optional).
  5. Submit Quote Form.

Styling Page Templates

The new pages are pre-styled to match that of the Shadows theme styles.


If your store does not use the Shadows ReadyTheme, there are additional page template changes you can optionally make.

Go to User Interface>Pages and add the following code to BASK, OCST, OSEL, OPAY, INVC and any email templates you are using. It should immediately follow this line:

Alt text here

The new code is below:

Alt text here

Adding Link to Quote History List

To add a link to the Quote History page from the Account Landing page, add the following line of code to the ACLN page template:

Alt text here


This link can be added globally to any page.

Modify Customer Login Page

Add the following code to the LOGN page template.

Alt text here

Show Link for Active Quotes

You can add the Manage Quotes module as an extension to any global item. For example, to add Manage Quotes to the global_minibasket, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the User Interface>Items.
  2. Find the global_minibasket in the list and click the Edit button.
  3. Click on the Extensions tab.
  4. Select Manage Quotes module from the Module list.
  5. Add the following code globally or to any page to which the mini basket is assigned:
Alt text here

When the customer logs into the store, they will see the “View Your Active Quotes” link in the navigation bar.

Submit Quote Form

The Manage Quotes module provides a flow to let your customers add items to their cart and submit them for your quote.

The preferred way to provide a way for cusotmers to request a quote is to assign the request_quote item to the page you want it to display on.

Add the following item tag to the page template:

Alt text here

Next, assign the messages item to the page.

Finally include a Messages Array on the page to output any errors.

Your page will look like the following when complete.

Alt text here

Another method is below. This form is flexible and can be put on any page in Miva. You can download a template for the quote form at the following link:


The country field only accepts the 2-digit country code. We recommend that you use a drop-down list to collect the country designation.

The following link includes the HTML code to create a drop-down of country codes:

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