URI Management

URI Management is the management of the various webpage addresses that make up a website. URI stands for Uniform Resource Identifier. They are similar to URLs (Uniform Resource Locaters) but there are differences. For the sake of this document, and your store, we’ll make the decision that URLs and URIs refer to the same thing: web addresses that let your customers find your store online, and the store’s pages.

Most of the time you will not need to do anything in terms of URI Management, because the Miva admin generates URIs for your products automatically.

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Canonical URIs

A Canonical URI is considered the authoritative URI for a given page, category or product. Essentially it is the default URI. If multiple URIs point to the same page, the canonical is considered the authoritative URI.

Canonicals tell search engines which URI to show in their search results and help avoid duplicate content issues on your website.

For additional information on managing URIs in the Miva admin, click here.

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