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PageBuilder - Rich Text Editor Component

Possibly the most versatile tool in the PageBuilder toolbox, the Rich Text Editor Component is a way to fill in any gaps users may encounter when creating pages and layouts.

To use the Rich Text Editor, in the Component Pane, click Add Component, then click Rich Text Editor.


The Edit Component pane opens.


Component Name: The name of the component. The default value is “Rich Text Editor” but it can be edited as needed.

To open the editor, click Launch Editor. The Content editing box opens.


The Content box is similar to a WYSIWYG editor. You are able to type directly into the text box, and format the text just like if you were using a word processor. The menu bar at the top also functions much like a word processor.

For example, with the Insert menu, you can insert a table, a link or even an image. The Style menu allows you to make changes to the text, such as bolding words, changing the font as well as changing the color of the text or the background color. Format lets you format the text, and include things like numbered or bulleted lists.

Another important capability of the rich text editor is the ability to use source code. To enter source code mode, click the icon as shown in the screenshot below.


This allows you to drag HTML and CSS into the rich text editor, turning it into a flexible and easy to navigate developer tool. And like all of the other components, you are able to schedule the Rich Text Editor.

When finished with the editor, click Done and then click Save to save the page you are working on.

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