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Miva 10 - Braintree Payment Module

The Braintree payment module is a way for your to accept electronic and credit card payment son your website. Braintree is owned by PayPal.

Braintree supports the use of MivaPay.

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Installing the Module

Payment modules can be found by clicking Settings in the lower left corner, then clicking Modules.

On the page that opens, you can narrow the module options by clicking the drop down in the “Type” box and then clicking Payment.


In the Braintree box, click the Install button.



After the module is installed the Payment Settings page opens, to the Braintree tab.


In the tab, credentials for your Braintree account must be entered.

Server Name: The server name for production, is automatically entered. For testing, the sandbox name is

Merchant ID: This is your merchant ID for Braintree. It can be found in your Braintree account, under Settings>API.

Merchant Account ID:Braintree has the ability to create multiple Merchant Account IDs under the main Merchant ID. Each Merchant Account ID can be mapped to its own currency within Braintree. This field is optional. Note: While Braintree supports multiple Merchant Account IDs, Miva only supports a single at this time. IS THIS STILL CORRECT?

To create a new Merchant Account Id in Braintree, go to Settings>Business>Add New Merchant Account ID.

Public Key/Private Key: These API keys are required to connect to the Braintree API. They can be found at Settings>API. After you have entered the key code and clicked update, the box will appear blank, even through the key has been saved.

Automatically Submit Transactions for Settlement: If this box is checked, Miva will do both the authorization and the capture at the time the order is placed. If it is not checked, Miva will only do the authorization on the purchase. You will need to edit the order in the admin, and Capture when the order payment is ready to be captured.

Kount Fraud Data Collection: (see below).

3D Secure: Enable or disable 3D Secure (see below).

PayPal Currency: Sets the currency for PayPal Checkout, if using this option.

Transaction Data: Starting with the 10.07 release, Level II and III Payment Data can be sent, including item level and tax/purchase order data. Visa/Mastercard will give merchants discounts on interchange fees for passing this data on certain transactions, lowering overall interchange fees.

Available Payment Methods: Four payment methods are available by default: American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. Others can be enabled by clicking the respective checkbox.

Using PayPal and Braintree

Your store can use PayPal Checkout when using Braintree. To enable this, set the PayPal Currency from the drop down and then make sure the PayPal payment method is enabled.


You can also display the PayPal Checkout button on your store’s basket screen. To do so, you need to set up PayPal Checkout using the PayPal Commerce Platform Integration. For instructions on setting up that integration, click here.

Collecting Device Data (Fraud Prevention)

Braintree has built-in fraud prevention tools which rely on collecting device data, which gets passed in the payment request.

This is accomplished by adding additional device tracker javascript, which is used by Braintree's fraud protection system. For information on implementing this, visit:

For more information on Braintree and its fraud protection options, visit:

3D Secure

3D Secure is an additional security layer for online credit and debit card transactions that adds an authentication step for customers making online purchases.

For additional information on 3D secure visit

3D Secure Settings:

  • Disabled: This is the default state. 3D Secure is turned off for all transactions.
  • Required if 3D Secure is Enabled on Card: This is the recommended state to enable 3D Secure. It will only prompt for additional data if the card the customer is using has 3D Secure.
  • Always Require 3D Secure: Only use this setting if you want all transactions to go through 3D Secure. IMPORTANT: If this is on, and the customer’s card does not support 3D Secure, the transaction will be declined.

The Braintree integration supports the 3D Secure 2.0 protocol, which provides a streamlined experience for the customer. There are many transactions where the merchant bank does not need additional data from the customer and there is nothing more they need to enter. In some cases, the issuing bank will require customers to log in to their bank. This prompt is presented in a new popup window.


If 3D Secure is enabled, additional fields will be saved with the payment response in the Miva admin. These fields are available via the JSON API as part of the payment record response.


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