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Create Coupon with Single Code

When you create a coupon, you also create a coupon code. Customers then redeem the coupon (and get their discount) by entering the coupon code in a special field during checkout. You can add the Coupon Code field to one or more of the following pages:

First, you need to make the coupon code field visible on one or more of your store pages.

To do this, click the User Interface header and then the Pages tab.

Find the page you wish to add the Coupon field to and click the page to edit it.

On the Edit Page screen, click the Page tab. Then scroll down to the Basket Contents section.

Finally, click Allow Coupons to be Applied, then click Update.


If you have Advanced Mode enabled, you will not see the box for Allow Coupons to be Applied. You must first click the Point + Click Mode link, and then you will see the box.

Alt text here

Next you will create the Price Group for the coupon.

Click the Marketing header on the left side of the page, and then click the Price Groups tab if not already on that tab.

Click Add Price Group, set the eligibility to Coupon Only.

Because we are creating a coupon, we can create a Price Group of any type excluding the Legacy type, so for this example, we’ll create a Product Discount price group.

Alt text here

Next, set the Exclusions to Exclude for Same Basket, so the coupon discount cannot be combined with any other discount. Then click Save.

Next you’ll create the coupon itself. Click the Marketing header on the left side of the page, if not already there, and then click the Coupons tab. Click Add Coupon.

Fill out the fields in the Add Coupon box.

Alt text here

When finished, click the Add button.

Next, if you selected “Specific Customers” in the Add Coupon, Eligibility field, you must select a list of customers allowed to use the coupon. Click the box next to the Coupon from the Coupon batch list, then select Customers from the menu button (three dots).

In the box that opens, assign one or more customers to the coupon, then click Close.

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