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Creating a New User

To create a New User, click the Settings heading in the bottom left corner of the page, then click User Management. The page that opens displays a batch list of all the current users.

To add a user, click the Add User button in the top right corner. The Add User box opens.


In the Add User box, you will provide the following information. Headers in bold indicate the field is required.

When finished, click the Add button.


The number of available licenses is dependent on the Miva plan purchased for your business.

There are three license types available. They are:

Two-Factor Authorization (2FA) and Administrative Privileges

Beginning with the 10.07 release, the way users were given administrative privileges and their two-factor authorization was established was changed.

Previously, the Miva admin would not allow system admins to create users with administrative privileges unless they were first added as a regular user, then had 2FA enabled, and then were manually updated to administrator status by another system admin.

Now, system administrators can simply scroll down to the advanced dropdown carat, click it, and then click the slider to make the user they are adding an administrator.


In addition, system administrators can also force a user to enroll/re-enroll in 2FA. To do so, in the Edit User box, click the slider next to “Force Two-Factor Enrollment at Next Login” and then click Update. The next time that user logs into the Miva admin they will be forced to enroll or re-enroll in 2FA.


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