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The Customer Settings tab is where you establish requirements for customer passwords for your online store, and where you create the Lost Password Email that is sent to your customers when they request it.

To access the Customer Settings, click the Customers header on the left side of the page, then click the Customer Settings tab on the page that opens.

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There are several settings in the Security section.

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You can set the Minimum Password Length. You can also set the Password Complexity requirements. The options are:

You can also set the way in which the system deals with a Password Reset, such as when a customer has forgotten their password. In the drop down for the Password Reset Style, there are two options:

The Password Reset Link Expiration sets how long, in minutes, a customer has before the link sent for their password reset expires and they need to request a new one.

You can also click the boxes to Require Customers to Reauthenticate when Changing Passwords and to Require CSRF Token for Customer Actions.

Last, you can update the Default Wish List Title as desired. Just enter the desired text in the text box next to the setting and click the Update button in the top right corner.

Customer Lost Password Email

In this section you can change the email that customers receive when they have requested help with a lost password.

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You can set the From email, and add any CC email addresses you wish to include, you can update the Subject line of the email and you can alter or add to the Header Text, which is the text that precedes the Password Reset Link.

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