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Using Coupons with Price Groups

You can use coupons as another way to leverage Price Groups for your business.

For example, you could create a Price Group for a 2-for-1 sale. If the customer buys one of an item, you will give them another of the same item for free. When you use a coupon, your customers are offered a 2-for-1 sale, and the way they get the discount is by entering a coupon code during checkout.

The Price Group is what creates the discount for a customer. The coupon is just a way for a customer to receive the discount.

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Coupon Code Types

With Miva you can create two kinds of coupon codes:


Depending on how you distribute and track coupon use, there may not be much difference in whether you generate a set of unique coupon codes for a discount, or give all of your customers the same coupon code. If you were selling coupons as gift certificates, though, you might want to generate unique coupon codes.

Create the Price Group

To create a Price Group, click the Marketing header and then the Price Groups tab.

Alt text here

Next, click the Add Price Group button in the upper right corner.

Alt text here

In the box that opens, give your Price Group a Name. For coupons, the Eligibility needs to be set to Coupon Only.

Finally, select the type of Price Group you want to create.

Basket/Qualifying Restrictions

Next, configure your desired Basket/Qualifying Restrictions. For more info on configuring these, click here.

Price Group Settings

Then, configure your desired Price Group Settings. For more info on configuring these, click here.


Finally, configure your desired Exclusions. For more info on configuring exclusions, click here.

When finished, click the Add button.

Create the Coupon

To create the coupon, click the Marketing header and then click the Coupons tab. Alt text here

Then click the Add Coupon button.

Alt text here

Fill out the fields in the box that opens.

Code: Enter your desired alphanumeric string. This will serve as the code your customers will enter in the coupon field to get the discount.

Description: Enter a description if desired. In the example below, we give the coupon a description of 25 PERCENT OFF. When the customer uses the coupon, the description will show up in the basket.

Alt text here Alt text here

Eligibility: Select the group you want the coupon to apply to: Specific Shoppers, All Logged-in Customers or Specific Customers.

Discount to Apply: Select the Price Group you want to use with this coupon. You can also skip this and assign the coupon to a price group later.


You can also assign more than one price group to a coupon. Simply select your coupon in the coupons tab, and then click the Price Groups button. In the Batch List that opens, click the assigned slider next to the groups you want the coupon assigned to. For more information on this, see below.

Not Valid Before/After: Set a starting date and time for the coupon, as well as an expiration date.


Setting a valid before/after date at the coupon level, overrides those settings at the price group level.

Max Use (Total): Enter the total number of times the coupon code can be used. For example, if you enter “100” in the field, the coupon can only be entered a total of 100 times.

Max Use (Per Shopper): Enter the number of times each customer is allowed to use the same coupon code. For example, if you entered “1” in this field, a customer can only use this coupon code one time. This is tracked based on a customer's bill to email address.

When finished, click the Add button.


To have the system generate the coupon code for you, in the Coupons tab, click the Generate button. In the Code field you will enter a “base” code you want the coupons to have, like “t-shirt promo” for example, which will then be followed by a random alphanumeric generated by the system. The rest of the setup follows as explained above.

Applying Multiple Discounts with a Coupon

One of the often overlooked, but powerful function of coupons with price groups is the ability to apply two or more discounts with a coupon. This is really useful for things like giving customers a percentage off an item, or their basket, plus giving them free shipping for their order.

To do this, create your coupon as shown above, but select Assign Later in the Discount to Apply section.

Then, select the coupon in the coupons tab, and in the batch list that opens, click the slider in the Assigned column next to the price groups you want to assign to the coupon.

Alt text here

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