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Payment Actions

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Miva 10.01.00 introduces a new Workflow Action named Payment Actions. The Payment Actions action allows Miva to capture or refund an amount based on the settings in the workflow.

Automatic Payment Operations

The Automatic Payment Operations section defines which payment action will be active when the Order Workflow runs.

Capture: Attempt to capture funds if there is an open authorization.

Refund: Attempt to refund funds.

Payment Operation Rules

The Payment Operation Rules section includes a number of settings that will define how the automatic payments are calculated.

Collected Amount Includes

This setting will define the items in which to include in the Payment Operation.

Amount Of All Created Shipments: Includes items contained within created shipments.

Amount Of All Shipped Shipments: Includes items contained within shipments marked as shipped.

Entire Order Amount: Includes all items contained within the order.

Capture Non-Tax Charges

When the Collected Amount Includes setting is set to Amount of All Created Shipments or Amount of All Shipped Shipments the Capture Non-Tax Charges setting can be set on the first or last capture processed by an order.

If Capture Amount Is Within X Dollars Of Total, Capture All

This setting will define the amount the total can be within to still capture all funds. This will account for any rounding issues that could occur when using percentages to determine basket charges or discounts.

Collected Amount Excludes

The Collected Amount Excludes setting will remove items that are included in any returns for the order or exclude only items within returns that have been marked as received.

Refund Order Charges When Entire Order Is Returned

This section defines which order charges should be refunded when all items in the order are returned.

Additional Settings

Selecting Prorate Order-Level Discounts will prorate order-level discounts across all items. The Add Payment Operation Notes to Order will add a note

The note will be formatted with the following fields:

            Order workflow: 'ORDER WORKFLOW NAME'
            Action: Payment
            Calculated Capture Amount: $XX.XX
            Net Captured Amount: $XX.XX
            Operation Type: Capture (Refund)
            Amount To Capture: $XX.XX
            Amount Available To Capture: $XX.XX
            Amount Captured: $XX.XX
            Captured $XX.XX of $XX.XX for Payment ID X

Audit Log

The Audit Log order custom field, introduced in Miva 10.01.00, is created and appended to each time a payment action or void order workflow is run on an order. The Audit Log custom field can only be seen in the order batch list by selecting the Audit log custom field in the show/hide custom field dropdown.

When visible in the batch list selecting an order will display an Edit button which will open the custom field in a dialog.

The Audit Log contains the settings for each payment action and void workflow that has processed the order as well other data regarding the transactions which can be seen in the snippet below.

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