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Price Groups - Volume Pricing

The Volume Pricing Price Group gives a customer a discount if they purchase items in volume.

Creating a Volume Pricing Price Group

To create a Price Group, click the Marketing header and then the Price Groups tab.

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Next, click the Add Price Group button in the upper right corner.

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In the box that opens, give your Price Group a Name. Then decide what the Eligibility is for the Price Group you are creating. For more info on configuring these, click here.

Finally, select Volume Pricing in the type field.

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Next you will choose how Miva groups the products needed for the volume discount. Your choices are:

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Next you will choose the Pricing Method you want Miva to use. Your choices are:


This field only has an affect if you are using more than one row in the pricing table. For more information on the Pricing Table, see below.

Example:For this example we have set up the pricing table to give a 5% discount when a customer has 5 items in their basket, 10% when they have 10 items in their basket and 15% when they have 15 items. If you selected Apply Single Pricing Table Entry Using Total Quantity, if a customer has 11 items in their basket, they will receive a 10% discount.

The Progressive Mode allows you to decide how Miva applies the progressive discount.


This field only applies if you choose Apply Pricing Table Progressively.

Example: For this example we are using the same pricing table as above. So, if a customer purchases 15 items, items 1-5 get a 5% discount, items 6-10 get a 10% discount and items 11-15 get a 15% discount.

However, let’s say in your discounted products list (the products that will receive a discount), you have a $10 t-shirt, a $50 jacket and a $300 briefcase. How does Miva decide which product gets the 5% discount and which one gets the 15% discount? You set it up with Progressive Mode.

If you set this field to “Higher Priced Items,” then the $300 briefcase will get the 5% discount, the $50 jacket would get the 10% discount and the $10 shirt would get the 15% discount. If you set this field to “Lower Price Items” the order of discounts is reversed, so the $300 briefcase would get the 15% discount.

Alt text here

The Pricing Table is where you set one or more volume discounts. The Quantity column refers to the number of items the customer must by to get the discount from that row. For example, after you create the Price Group, go to the product you want to discount. In the Price Groups tab on the product’s page, click the Assigned slider next to the Price Group you want it to be included in.

Basket/Qualifying Restrictions

Next, configure your desired Basket/Qualifying Restrictions. For more info on configuring these, click here.

Price Group Settings

Then, configure your desired Price Group Settings. For more info on configuring these, click here.


Finally, configure your desired Exclusions. For more info on configuring exclusions, click here.

When finished, click the Add button.

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