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  1. Image Sub Directories
  2. Password Fields Disabled
  3. PA-DSS Weekly Email

Image Sub Directories

Product images are now partitioned into Sub Directories keeping each directory with around 10,000 images, although there is no hard limit.

When you add an image to a product in Miva 10, it automatically gets partitioned into a subdirectory within the graphics folder:

The subdirectories are created and managed automatically on the server. Miva will start a new numeric subdirectory once there are 2,500 master images in a folder. On average each master has 3 additional image sizes which take the total number of images close to 10,000.

It is worth noting these subdirectories will apply to all images uploaded via the Miva image picker. This includes product images, ReadyTheme Images, and things like category tree and category title images.

Image Migration Utility

For upgraded stores, Miva provides an image utility to automatically partition existing images into subdirectories.

In the Main Settings menu expand Utilities and click Image management

Under the more menu, there is a new Partition Images link.

When clicked a warning message will be displayed:

This migration wizard will only update images that are referenced in Miva. These are images that have been uploaded via the Miva image picker and have an entry in Mivas Images database. All other images which have been uploaded to the server via FTP will not be impacted.



While it is not very common, but it is important to look through all page templates to verify there are no hardcoded image paths. Also, consideration needs to be given to product feeds with image paths. After the migration, feeds with hardcoded image paths need to be re-generated so they will output the correct image path.

Example Feeds

  • Google Shopping
  • Search Feeds (Search Spring, etc)
  • XML Sitemaps with Images

Password Fields Disabled

To fix the bowser auto-fill issue, Miva 10 now has all admin password fields disabled by default so they will not inadvertently reset. There is custom JavaScript in the admin which will automatically enable them on focus (when clicked). This allows for the ability to edit/updated these fields as needed but prevents any sort of auto-fill from populating these values.

Use developer tools to inspect the input to see that they are being written by JavaScript and disabled by default.

PA-DSS Weekly Email

Miva has PA-DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard) checklist to ensure the store settings are configured according to the Product Implementation Guide.

This checklist is located under Domain Settings -> PA-DSS Checklist

Miva 10 introduces a new email to send this checklist each week to show which areas pass and fail.

If certain items are failing and need help, reach out to the Miva support team for assistance. This email goes out to the Store Owner's email address and cannot be disabled.

Looking for Developer Docs?

We have a whole section for that, including: Developer Training Series, Template Language docs, Module Development tutorials and much, much more.

Head to the Developer Section

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