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Authorization Failures

Authorization Failures

When a customer tries to buy something in your store with a credit card, the data is sent to your payment processor, such as Chase Paymentech, or Authorize.net. Your payment processor runs a series of checks to see if the credit card is valid, and then authorizes the card for use. See Types of Payment Modules for more information.

In 9.0005.3, Miva Merchant added several features to protect your store against credit card fraud. One of these feature is the Authorization Failures tab. In this tab you can:

  • View all of the authorization failures that happened in your store.
  • Add a customer's IP address to your Authorization Blacklist.
  • When a customer visits your store, Miva Merchant can see their IP address. If the customer's credit card fails authorization, a bunch of data about the failure is collected, including the IP address they were using. If you add the customer's IP address to your Authorization Blacklist, all attempts to use a credit card from that IP address will be ignored.

  • You can manually add IP addresses to your blacklist in the:
  • Menu > Order Processing > Authorization Failures Tab

    or the

    Menu > Payment > Authorization Blacklist Tab

  • You can also add IP addresses to your blacklist automatically. See:
  • Menu > Payment > Settings Tab > Fraud Section

  • For an overview of the security features added in 9.0005.3, see: Enhanced Protection from Automated Attacks in 9.0005.3
  • Enhanced Protection from Automated Attacks in 9.0005.3

To Manually Add an IP Address to Your Blacklist

  1. In the Order Processing > Authorization Failures tab, select a row and click Blacklist.
  2. In the Blacklist IPs dialog box, enter an expiration, and click Blacklist.

Blacklists IPS

As long as this IP address is on your blacklist, all attempts to use a credit card from this address will be ignored. When the expiration date is reached, the IP address is automatically removed from your blacklist. The customer at this IP address will be able to submit credit card authorization attempts in your store again.

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