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buySAFE 2.0

buySAFE is a product that allows your customers to add insurance to their orders. You should only enable the buySAFE log if you are asked to do so by their support staff. Enabling the buySAFE log does not create a new tab and their log file does not have any options.

To Enable the buySAFE Log

  1. Go to the Menu> Logging > Add/Remove Modules tab.
  2. Select the Available Modules tab section.
  3. Under buySAFE 2.0, click Install.
  4. Select the buySAFE tab.
    • 4.1. Check the "I accept the buySAFE End User License Agreement" checkbox.
    • 4.2. Click the register now button to go to the buySAFE website and create an account.
    • 4.3. Enable buySAFE Bonding. Adding buySAFE to your store requires changes to some template code.
      • If you have modified your store's template code, click on the documentation link to follow the instructions for manually adding the buySAFE template code.
      • If you have not made any changes to your store's template code, you can check the Enable the automatic template changes checkbox.
  5. Enter the authentication data provided by buySAFE. You are given these credentials when you create your buySAFE account.
  6. Generate and place buySAFE Seal / Specify store terms of sale: More information about these items is shown on-screen after you create your buySAFE account.
  7. Click Update.

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