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Some modules have the ability to create their own log files, usually for troubleshooting. Use the Logging Settings screen to turn log file creation on or off for any module.

By default there are three modules in your Miva Merchant store that can create log files. However, if you purchase a third-party module it may also have a log file feature, and will show up in the Logging Settings screen.

Log files have the potential to use up a lot of space on your server. If you enable a log file, you might want to keep an eye on how much disk space it uses over time.

e-Urchin Log Tab

Urchin was purchased by Google and became Google Analytics. Urchin is no longer a supported product, although it still works. If you use Urchin, you have to enable the e-urchin log.

To Enable the e-Urchin Log

  1. Go to the Menu> Logging > Add/Remove Modules tab.
  2. Select the Available Modules tab section.
  3. Under e-Urchin, click Install. A new "e-Urchin Log" tab will appear.
  4. Fill out the fields in the e-Urchin Log tab:
    • Log File: the name of the log file you want to create.
    • Log Remote Hostnames: Enable this option if you want the log file to contain hostnames instead of IP addresses. This feature will generate a DNS query for every IP address seen by eUrchin, and will consume more machine resources.
    • Log Format: select one of the Urchin log file formats, either elf or elf2.
  5. Click Update when you are done with your changes.

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