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Discounting Options

These settings let you control what happens when a customer's order becomes disqualified for a discount because of a return. For example, let's say you creat a Price Group that offers free shipping for orders of $100 or more. A customer buys $100 of merchandise and gets free shipping. A few days later, the customer returns one of the items. Technically, the order total is now under $100, which means they no longer qualify for free shipping.

Generally, when a customer wants to return an item, they would call you. While the customer is on the phone, you edit the order and issue an RMA for the item(s). See To Process Returns and Refunds for more details. Adjustments to the discount, based on the settings in this tab, will show up in the Edit Order screen.

Recalculate Discounts For Returns

These fields let you control when discounts are adjusted as the result of a return.

  • Never: the discount is never revoked or recalculated, regardless of changes to the order by RMA.
  • When Authorized: Adjustments to the discount will be recalculated as soon as you click the Authorize button in the Edit Order screen.
  • When Received: Adjustments to the discount will be recalculated as soon as you click Received in the Edit Order screen.
Order Total Handling

These fields let you control how discounts are adjusted as the result of a return.

  • Allow Recalculation of Discounts to Increase Order Total: If you select this option it will be possible for the customer to owe you money because a discount was disqualified as the result of a return.
  • Prevent Increase in Order Total with Adjustment Item: If you select this option the customer's order total will never increase, even if a returned item disqualifies them for the discount.
    • Adjustment Item Code / Adjustment Item Name: The text that you enter in these fields will appear as explanations for the discounting adjustments in the Edit Order screen.

Upsale Options

See To Change the Upsale Options.

Affiliate Options

Activate Affiliate Program Enables Miva Merchant to begin tracking affiliates referrals, and adds the Affiliate Login link to your on-line store.
Default Application Status:

There are two ways to create affiliate accounts:

  • With the Add Affiliate button in the Affiliates tab. When you manually create an affiliate account this way you can set the account status.
  • A potential affiliate goes to your on-line store, clicks on the Affiliate Login link, and then clicks the Create Account button.
  • Use the Default Application Status field to set the default status of affiliate accounts that are created in your on-line store.

  • Pending: No commissions are tracked.
  • Approved: Affiliate referrals are enabled and are being tracked by the software.
  • Disabled: Affiliate referrals are not enabled or tracked.
Default Commission Per Referral (hit): The affiliate gets a commission when a customer clicks on the link to your store. No purchase is necessary.
Default Commission Percent of Order: The affiliates commission is a percentage of the customer's order total.
Default Commission Flat Fee Per Order: The affiliates receives a flat fee for every customer referral that results in a purchase. The size of the order doesn't matter.
Payout Threshold: The payout threshold is a way of telling the system that you don't want to pay your affiliates until they've earned a certain amount of money. See Paying Affiliates.
Link Image:

The referring link that your affiliates add to their website can either appear as a text hyperlink or as an image that customers can click on to reach your store.

Free Shirt

Sorting Records

If you want the referring link to appear as text:

  1. Enter some text, such as "Free Shirt", in the Link Text field (see below). Miva Merchant will automatically generate an html HREF similar to this:

    Free Shirt

If you want the referring link to appear as an image:

  1. In the Link Image text box, enter the path to an image that is already on your server, or use the Upload button to copy an image from your local machine to your server. Miva Merchant will automatically generate an html HREF similar to this:
  2. Your affiliate can now go to your on-line store and log into their affiliate account. As the figure on page 199 shows, the html reference to your link image appears in the "Commissions > Image Link HTML" section. Your affiliate copies the html into the source code of their web page and your image now appears as a button. When someone clicks on that image, they will be taken to your on-line store and your affiliate gets credit for the referral.
Link Text: See Link Image field above.

Use the Terms text box to document how your affiliate program works. Affiliates can see your terms when they create an affiliate account or log into an existing affiliate account.

Simple Terms

Affiliate Lost Password Email

Your affiliates can log into their accounts through your on-line store, mainly to check their commission status. If an affiliate forgets their login, they can:

  1. Click on the Affiliate Login link. Note that this link does not appear in your store unless you have checked the Activate Affiliate Program checkbox.
  2. In the Affiliate Login screen (AFCL), the affiliate enters their login nameand clicks the "Forgot Password" link.
  3. Miva Merchant will automatically send an email containing the affiliate's password.
  4. Use the Lost Password Email tab to create the email that your affiliate receives. The affiliate's password is appended to the body of the message.
  5. Affiliate Login

Affiliate Email Notification

Potential affiliates can create affiliates accounts through your on-line store (see To Create an Affiliate Account.) The account is usually created with a status of Pending. When the account is created the potential affiliate receives an email. Use the Affiliate Email Notification Tab to create the email that they receive.

Note that you must check the Activate New Affiliates Email checkbox to enable the email.

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