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Price Group Product Include/Exclude

This is a new feature in 9.7 where you’ll be able to chose a box in your Price Groups Discount window to make all products eligible for that discount unless you exclude it. This feature takes every product that you currently have in your store, plus all the products you add in the future into this price group automatically by default. Then if there is a product you don’t want to be included, you can simply go in and turn it off, or exclude it from the price group.

Under the Marketing section in your admin, click on the "Price Groups" tab.


Create a Price Group, for this example we've set up a 10%Off discount. You want to make sure you select "Product Discount" under the "Type" Drop Down menu.

Product Discount

Price Group Product Include

Now that your Price Group is created, double click on it or click on your pencil or "Edit" icon.

Product Edit

Now scroll down and look for "Apply To All Products Unless Excluded." This is new in Miva 9.0007. Select the check box. Now that you've selected this option, every product has now been added into this price group that you just created in one simple step. Another nice thing about this feature is, not only are your current products automatically added when you checked this box, but all future products you enter will be added by default.

Apply All Products

Price Group Product Exclude

If there are certain products that you do not want included in your price group, it's very easy to exclude them. For our example, we have gift certificates in our store and we don't want to give a 10% discount on our gift certificates. To exclude these here's what you do. Click on your Price Group and you'll see a set of tabs that appear above it. Click on the "Exclude Products" tab.

Product Exclude

A window will pop up. Scroll down or do a search for the products you want to exclude from this group, click the toggle switch to the left of the products. Once you do this, they will now be excluded from this Price Group.

Exclude Products

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