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Miva CLI - MMT#

Miva Command Line Tool (MMT) is a powerful command line interface designed to accelerate development processes within the Miva software ecosystem. By leveraging MMT, developers gain efficient access to essential functionalities for managing, deploying, and updating Miva store assets directly from the command line.

Key Features#

Seamless Integration#

  • Global Credentials: MMT seamlessly integrates with Miva stores by establishing global credentials using either an API Token or SSH credentials configured within Miva. This allows for secure and authenticated access to store assets.

  • Remote Key Linkage: Once configured, MMT creates a remote key linking the local development environment with a template branch in the Miva store. This facilitates effortless synchronization of code and assets between the local machine and the store.

Simplified Operations#

  • Core Commands: MMT offers core commands for pulling, pushing, updating, and reverting template branch assets. These commands streamline common development operations and ensure consistent synchronization between local and remote environments.

  • Additional Utilities: In addition to core commands, MMT provides a range of utility commands such as diff, switch, status, and log for enhanced version control and debugging capabilities.

  • Branch Management: Developers can create and manage branches directly from the command line, enabling efficient organization and collaboration on development projects within the Miva ecosystem.


To install MMT, ensure that Python (3.6 or higher) and pip are installed locally. Then, run the following command to install MMT:

pip3 install --user miva-mmt

For system-wide installation, execute the following command with elevated privileges:

pip3 install miva-mmt

Update and Rollback#

  • Update: Keep MMT up-to-date by running the following command:
pip3 install --upgrade miva-mmt
  • Rollback: If needed, rollback to a previous version using the following procedure:
pip3 uninstall miva-mmt
pip3 install miva-mmt==1.0.2

Authentication Methods#

Token Authentication#

To use token authentication with MMT, create an API Token within the Miva admin interface. Assign the token a name, access token, allowed IP address(es), and timestamp. Then, assign the token to the User Interface group for access.

SSH Authentication#

For SSH authentication, generate an RSA format SSH key pair using the ssh-keygen command. Copy the public key into the Miva user interface under SSH Authentication settings. Use the private key path when setting up SSH credentials within MMT.