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Welcome to the Miva JSON API, a powerful interface that enables seamless integration with Miva’s software. Designed for flexibility, efficiency, and extensibility, the JSON API empowers developers to programmatically interact with key aspects of the Miva ecosystem, from managing products and orders to customizing storefronts and automating processes.

Key Features#

  • Robust Functions: The JSON API offers a comprehensive set of functions covering a wide range of functionalities within the Miva platform. Whether you need to retrieve product information, process orders, or manage customer data, the API provides intuitive functions to streamline your development workflows.

  • Authentication and Security: Security is paramount in ecommerce environments. The JSON API incorporates robust authentication mechanisms, including API tokens and SSH, to ensure secure access to Miva resources. By implementing industry-standard security protocols, the API protects sensitive data and mitigates risks associated with unauthorized access.

  • Scalability and Performance: Whether you’re processing hundreds of orders per day or managing a large catalog of products, the JSON API is designed to scale with your business needs. With optimized performance and efficient resource utilization, the API delivers lightning-fast responses, enabling smooth and responsive interactions with the Miva platform.

Getting Started#

Quick Start Guide#

Jumpstart your integration with the Miva JSON API using our Quick Start Guide. Follow a series of simple steps to make your first API request, retrieve basic information, and familiarize yourself with the core functionalities of the API. The Quick Start Guide provides a hands-on introduction to help you get up and running with the JSON API in no time.

Functions Documentation#

Explore our comprehensive function documentation to discover the full range of functionalities available via the JSON API. Each function is accompanied by detailed descriptions, request examples, and response schemas to facilitate seamless integration with your applications.

Whether you’re building custom applications, integrating with third-party services, or automating business processes, the Miva JSON API provides the tools you need to succeed. Join the thriving community of developers leveraging the power of the JSON API to create innovative ecommerce solutions with Miva.