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Miva JSON API Function List#

Attributes & Attribute Templates#

Function Description
Attribute_Delete Deletes an attribute.
Attribute_Insert Inserts a new attribute.
Attribute_Update Updates an existing attribute.
AttributeAndOptionList_Load_Product Loads attributes and their options for a product.
AttributeTemplate_Delete Deletes an attribute template.
AttributeTemplate_Update Updates an existing attribute template.
AttributeTemplateAttribute_Insert Inserts a new attribute into an attribute template.
AttributeTemplateAttribute_Delete Deletes an attribute from an attribute template.
AttributeTemplateAttribute_Update Updates an attribute in an attribute template.
AttributeTemplateAttributeList_Load_Query Loads attributes assigned to an attribute template based on a query.
AttributeTemplateList_Load_Query Loads attribute templates based on a query.
AttributeTemplateOption_Delete Deletes an option from an attribute template.
AttributeTemplateOption_Insert Inserts a new option into an attribute template.
AttributeTemplateOption_Set_Default Sets a default option for an attribute template.
AttributeTemplateOption_Update Updates an option in an attribute template.
AttributeTemplateOptionList_Load_Attribute Loads options assigned to an attribute in an attribute template.
Option_Delete Deletes an option.
Option_Insert Inserts a new option.
Option_Set_Default Sets an option as default.
Option_Update Updates an existing option.

Availability Groups#

Function Description
AvailabilityGroup_Delete Deletes an availability group.
AvailabilityGroup_Insert Inserts a new availability group.
AvailabilityGroup_Update Updates an existing availability group.
AvailabilityGroupBusinessAccount_Update_Assigned Updates the assigned business accounts for an availability group.
AvailabilityGroupCategory_Update_Assigned Updates the assigned categories for an availability group.
AvailabilityGroupCustomer_Update_Assigned Updates the assigned customers for an availability group.
AvailabilityGroupList_Load_Query Loads availability groups based on a query.
AvailabilityGroupPaymentMethod_Update_Assigned Updates the assigned payment methods for an availability group.
AvailabilityGroupProduct_Update_Assigned Updates the assigned products for an availability group.
AvailabilityGroupShippingMethod_Update_Assigned Updates the assigned shipping methods for an availability group.
AvailabilityGroupBusinessAccountList_Load_Query Loads business accounts assigned to availability groups based on a query.
AvailabilityGroupCategoryList_Load_Query Loads categories assigned to availability groups based on a query.
AvailabilityGroupCustomerList_Load_Query Loads customers assigned to availability groups based on a query.
AvailabilityGroupProductList_Load_Query Loads products assigned to availability groups based on a query.
AvailabilityGroupShippingMethodList_Load_Query Loads shipping methods assigned to availability groups based on a query.

Branch Management#

Function Description
Branch_Copy Copies a branch.
Branch_Create Creates a new branch.
Branch_Delete Deletes a branch.
Branch_SetPrimary Sets a branch as primary.
Branch_Update Updates an existing branch.
BranchCSSResourceVersionList_Load_Query Loads CSS resource versions for a branch based on a query.
BranchJavascriptResourceVersionList_Load_Query Loads JavaScript resource versions for a branch based on a query.
BranchList_Load_Query Loads branches based on a query.
BranchPropertyVersionList_Load_Query Loads property versions for a branch based on a query.
BranchTemplateVersionList_Load_Query Loads template versions for a branch based on a query.
Changeset_Create Creates a new changeset.
ChangesetList_Load_Query Loads changesets based on a query.
ResourceGroupList_Load_Query Loads resource groups based on a query.

Business Accounts#

Function Description
BusinessAccount_Insert Inserts a new business account.
BusinessAccount_Update Updates an existing business account.
BusinessAccountCustomer_Update_Assigned Updates the assigned customer for a business account.
BusinessAccountCustomerList_Load_Query Loads customers associated with a business account based on a query.
BusinessAccountList_Delete Deletes a list of business accounts.
BusinessAccountList_Load_Query Loads business accounts based on a query.


Function Description
Category_Delete Deletes a category.
Category_Insert Inserts a new category.
Category_Update Updates an existing category.
CategoryList_Load_Parent Loads parent categories.
CategoryList_Load_Query Loads categories based on a query.
CategoryProduct_Update_Assigned Updates products assigned to a category.
CategoryProductList_Load_Query Loads products associated with a category based on a query.
ChildCategoryList_Load_Query Loads child categories for a specified parent category based on a query.


Function Description
Coupon_Insert Inserts a new coupon into the system.
Coupon_Update Updates an existing coupon in the system.
CouponBusinessAccount_Update_Assigned Updates the assignment of a coupon to a business account.
CouponCustomerList_Load_Query Loads and queries a list of coupon customers.
CouponCustomer_Update_Assigned Updates the assignment of a coupon to a customer.
CouponList_Delete Deletes a list of coupons from the system.
CouponList_Load_Query Loads and queries a list of coupons.
CouponPriceGroup_Update_Assigned Updates the assignment of a coupon to a price group.
CouponPriceGroupList_Load_Query Loads and queries a list of coupon price groups.


Function Description
Customer_Delete Deletes a customer account.
Customer_Insert Inserts a new customer into the system.
Customer_Update Updates an existing customer’s information.
CustomerAddress_Delete Deletes a customer’s address.
CustomerAddress_Insert Inserts a new address for a customer.
CustomerAddress_Update Updates an existing customer’s address.
CustomerAddressList_Delete Deletes a list of customer addresses.
CustomerAddressList_Load_Query Loads customer addresses based on a query.
CustomerCreditHistory_Delete Deletes a customer’s credit history.
CustomerCreditHistory_Insert Inserts a new credit history for a customer.
CustomerCreditHistoryList_Load_Query Loads customer credit histories based on a query.
CustomerList_Load_Query Loads customers based on a query.
CustomerPriceGroupList_Load_Query Loads price groups associated with customers based on a query.


Function Description
Note_Delete Deletes a note.
Note_Insert Inserts a new note.
Note_Update Updates an existing note.
NoteList_Load_Query Loads notes based on a query.

Order Queues#

Function Description
OrderList_Acknowledge Acknowledges an order from the queue.
QueueOrderList_Load_Query Loads orders from the queue based on a query.


Function Description
Order_Create Creates a new order.
Order_Create_FromOrder Creates a new order from an existing one.
Order_Delete Deletes an order.
Order_Update_Customer_Information Updates customer information for an order.
OrderCustomFieldList_Load Loads custom fields associated with an order.
OrderCustomFields_Update Updates custom fields for an order.
OrderItem_Add Adds an item to an order.
OrderItem_Split Splits an order item.
OrderItem_Update Updates an order item.
OrderItemList_BackOrder Back-orders items in an order.
OrderItemList_Cancel Cancels items in an order.
OrderItemList_CreateReturn Creates a return for items in an order.
OrderItemList_Delete Deletes items from an order.
OrderItemList_RemoveFromShipment Removes items from a shipment in an order.
OrderList_Load_Query Loads orders based on a query.
OrderPriceGroup_Update_Assigned Updates assigned price groups for an order.
OrderReturnList_Received Marks returned items as received in an order.
OrderList_Archive Archives orders.


Function Description
OrderItemList_CreateShipment Creates a shipment for items in an order.
OrderShipmentList_Load_Query Loads shipments based on a query.
OrderShipmentList_Update Updates information for a shipment in an order.


Function Description
SubscriptionList_Load_Query Loads subscriptions based on a query.
CustomerSubscriptionList_Load_Query Loads subscriptions for a specific customer based on a query.
ProductAndSubscriptionTermList_Load_Query Loads products and subscription terms based on a query.
ProductSubscriptionTermList_Load_Query Loads subscription terms for a specific product based on a query.
Subscription_Insert Inserts a new subscription.
Subscription_Update Updates an existing subscription.
SubscriptionAndOrderItem_Add Adds a subscription and order item.
SubscriptionAndOrderItem_Update Updates a subscription and order item.
SubscriptionList_Delete Deletes subscriptions.
SubscriptionShippingMethodList_Load_Query Loads shipping methods available for subscriptions based on a query.

Pages, CSS & JS#

Function Description
Page_Insert Inserts a new page.
Page_Update Updates an existing page.
Page_Delete Deletes a page.
Page_Copy Copies a page.
CSSResource_Insert Inserts a new CSS resource.
CSSResource_Update Updates an existing CSS resource.
CSSResource_Delete Deletes a CSS resource.
JavascriptResource_Insert Inserts a new JavaScript resource.
JavascriptResource_Update Updates an existing JavaScript resource.
JavascriptResource_Delete Deletes a JavaScript resource.


Function Description
AllOrderPaymentList_Load_Query Loads all order payments based on a query.
CustomerPaymentCard_Register Registers a new payment card for a customer.
CustomerPaymentCardList_Load_Query Loads payment cards for a customer based on a query.
Order_Authorize Authorizes an order payment.
OrderPayment_Capture Captures an order payment.
OrderPayment_Refund Refunds an order payment.
OrderPayment_Void Voids an order payment.
PaymentMethodList_Load Loads available payment methods.

Price Groups#

Function Description
PriceGroupBusinessAccount_Update_Assigned Updates assigned business accounts for a price group.
PriceGroupCustomer_Update_Assigned Updates assigned customers for a price group.
PriceGroupCustomerList_Load_Query Loads customers assigned to a price group based on a query.
PriceGroupList_Load_Query Loads price groups based on a query.
PriceGroupProduct_Update_Assigned Updates assigned products for a price group.
PriceGroupProductList_Load_Query Loads products assigned to a price group based on a query.
PriceGroupQualifyingProduct_Update_Assigned Updates assigned qualifying products for a price group.
PriceGroup_Delete Deletes a price group.
PriceGroup_Insert Inserts a new price group.
PriceGroup_Update Updates an existing price group.
PriceGroupBusinessAccountList_Load_Query Loads business accounts assigned to a price group based on a query.
PriceGroupQualifyingProductList_Load_Query Loads qualifying products assigned to a price group based on a query.


Function Description
ImageTypeList_Load_Query Loads image types based on a query.
Product_Delete Deletes a product.
Product_Insert Inserts a new product.
Product_Update Updates an existing product.
ProductImage_Add Adds an image to a product.
ProductImage_Delete Deletes an image from a product.
ProductList_Adjust_Inventory Adjusts the inventory of products.
ProductList_Load_Query Loads products based on a query.
ProductVariantList_Load_Product Loads variants of a product.
ProductImage_Update_Type Updates the type of an image associated with a product.
ProductKit_Generate_Variants Generates variants for a product kit.
ProductKit_Update_Parts Updates the parts of a product kit.
ProductKit_Variant_Count Counts the variants of a product kit.
ProductKitList_Load_Query Loads product kits based on a query.
ProductURIList_Load_Query Loads URIs associated with products based on a query.
ProductVariant_Generate_Delimiter Generates a delimiter for product variants.
ProductVariant_Insert Inserts a new product variant.
ProductVariant_Update Updates an existing product variant.
ProductVariantList_Delete Deletes product variants.
ProductVariantList_Load_Query Loads product variants based on a query.
RelatedProduct_Update_Assigned Updates assigned related products for a product.
RelatedProductList_Load_Query Loads related products assigned to a product based on a query.


Function Description
Provision_Domain Provisions a domain.
Provision_Store Provisions a store.
Function Description
PrintQueueJob_Insert Inserts a print queue job.
PrintQueueJob_Delete Deletes a print queue job.
PrintQueueJob_Status Checks the status of a print queue job.
PrintQueueJobList_Load_Query Loads print queue jobs based on a query.
PrintQueueList_Load_Query Loads print queues based on a query.

Points & Loyalty#

Function Description
CustomerPoints_Load_Points Loads points for a customer.
CustomerPointTransaction_Insert Inserts a new customer point transaction.
CustomerPointTransactionList_Load_Query Loads customer point transactions based on a query.
CustomerPointTransactionList_Process Processes customer point transactions.


Function Description
Quote_Convert Converts a quote into an order.
Quote_Copy Copies a quote.
Quote_Create_Empty Creates an empty quote.
Quote_Delete Deletes a quote.
Quote_Load_Id Loads a quote by its ID.
Quote_Send Sends a quote.
Quote_Update_Customer_Id Updates the customer ID associated with a quote.
Quote_Update_Expiry Updates the expiry date of a quote.
Quote_Update_Requester_Information Updates the requester information of a quote.
QuoteIndex_Load_Id Loads a quote index by its ID.
QuoteItem_Add Adds an item to a quote.
QuoteItem_Update Updates an item in a quote.
QuoteItemList_Delete Deletes items from a quote.
QuoteItemList_Load Loads items in a quote.
QuoteList_Load_Query Loads quotes based on a query.
QuoteNote_Insert Inserts a note to a quote.
QuoteNote_Update Updates a note in a quote.
QuoteNote_Update_Public Updates a public note in a quote.
QuoteNoteList_Delete Deletes notes from a quote.
QuoteNoteList_Load_Query Loads notes in a quote based on a query.
QuoteCustomFieldAndValueList_Load_Quote Loads custom fields and their values for a quote.
QuoteCustomFieldValues_Update_Quote Updates custom field values for a quote.


Function Description
Runtime_BasketItem_Delete Deletes a basket item.
Runtime_BasketItem_Update Updates a basket item.
Runtime_CalculateCharges Calculates charges.
Runtime_PaymentMethodList_Load Loads payment methods.
Runtime_ProductImageList_Load_Product_Variant Loads images for a product variant.
Runtime_ProductList_Load_Query Loads products based on a query.
Runtime_CategoryProductList_Load_Query Loads category products based on a query.
Runtime_RelatedProductList_Load_Query Loads related products based on a query.
Runtime_CategoryList_Load_Query Loads categories based on a query.
Runtime_ShippingMethodList_Load Loads shipping methods.


Function Description
CategoryURI_Insert Inserts a category URI.
CategoryURI_Redirect Redirects a category URI.
CategoryURI_Update Updates a category URI.
CategoryURIList_Delete Deletes category URIs.
CategoryURIList_Load_Query Loads category URIs based on a query.
FeedURI_Insert Inserts a feed URI.
FeedURI_Update Updates a feed URI.
FeedURIList_Delete Deletes feed URIs.
FeedURIList_Load_Query Loads feed URIs based on a query.
PageURI_Insert Inserts a page URI.
PageURI_Redirect Redirects a page URI.
PageURI_Update Updates a page URI.
PageURIList_Delete" Deletes page URIs.
PageURIList_Load_Query Loads page URIs based on a query.
ProductURI_Insert Inserts a product URI.
ProductURI_Redirect Redirects a product URI.
ProductURI_Update Updates a product URI.
ProductURIList_Delete Deletes product URIs.