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This function is used to update a product in Miva. All parameters are optional.

Request Body Parameters#

Type Description
ID Number of product
Product code string
Product code string
Product SKU string
product_code String Product Code of the product to update. This is a unique value in Miva.
product_sku String Product SKU of the product to update. If a non-unique value is passed to this parameter, it will generate an “Ambiguous product SKU” error.
product_name String Product Name
product_description String Product Description. Full HTML description allowed.
product_canonical_category_code String The canonical category is used to populate the breadcrumbs and category tree when no category code is present.
product_alternate_display_page String Alternate Page template to use when rendering this product
product_page_title String The Title Tag for this product.
product_thumbnail String Product Thumbnail. This field is depreciated. Images should be uploaded using ProductImage_Add
product_image String Product Fullsize Image. This field is depreciated. Images should be uploaded using ProductImage_Add
product_price Number Product Price. This is the price the product will be purchased at.
product_cost Number Product Cost. Used for reporting and certain types of discounts (markup from cost)
product_weight Number Product Weight
product_Inventory Number Current inventory count available for the product. Updating this value does not take into account stock held in open baskets
product_taxable Boolean true or false value depending on if a product is taxable.
product_active Boolean true or false value depending on if a product is active
customfield_values Object An object containing a customfields object with custom order fields to update. See examples.

Response Parameters#

Type Description
success boolean boolean value for if the request was successful

Example Request#

    "Store_code": "beta",
    "Function": "Product_Update",
    "Edit_Product": "Test",
    "Product_Code": "new_product_code",
    "Product_SKU": "555182",
    "Product_Name": "Hello World",
    "Product_Description": "ddddd",
    "Product_Alternate_Display_Page": "ABUS",
    "Product_Page_Title": "eeeee",
    "Product_Thumbnail": "graphics/en-US/someimage_thumbnail.jpg",
    "Product_Image": "graphics/en-US/someimage.jpg",
    "Product_Price": 5.29,
    "Product_Cost": 1.27,
    "Product_Weight": 3.58,
    "Product_Inventory": 26,
    "Product_Taxable": true,
    "Product_Active": true,
    "CustomField_Values": {
        "cmp-cssui-pchdft": {
            "header": "",
            "footer": ""
        "cmp-mv-prodctgy-meta": {
            "keywords": "",
            "description": ""
        "upsxml": {
            "ups_additional_handling": "No",
            "ups_delivery_confirmation": "Default",
            "ups_fpackage": "",
            "ups_fclass": "",
            "ups_fnmfccom": "",
            "ups_fnmfcsubcm": "",
            "ups_fdanger": "0",
            "ups_fdangermod": "0",
            "hscode": "",
            "origcntry": ""
        "baskinv": {
            "basket_inv": "0",
            "total_inv": ""
        "combofacets": {
            "fitment": [],
            "second": []
        "customfields": {
            "checkbox_CUSTOMFIELD_CODE": true,
            "imageupload_CUSTOMFIELD_CODE": "graphics/en-US/somecustomfieldimage.jpg",
            "text_CUSTOMFIELD_CODE": "fffff",
            "textarea_CUSTOMFIELD_CODE": "ggggg",
            "dropdown_CUSTOMFIELD_CODE": "bbbbb",
            "multitext_CUSTOMFIELD_CODE": ["hhhhh", "iiiii"]
        "marketplaces": {
            "googleshopping_item_id": "",
            "googleshopping_title": "",
            "googleshopping_condition": "",
            "googleshopping_availability": "",
            "googleshopping_description": "",
            "googleshopping_product_category": "",
            "googleshopping_item_number": "",
            "googleshopping_part_number": "",
            "googleshopping_brand": "",
            "googleshopping_weight": "",
            "googleshopping_sale_price": "",
            "googleshopping_product_type": "",
            "googleshopping_expiration_date": "",
            "googleshopping_color": "",
            "googleshopping_material": "",
            "googleshopping_pattern": "",
            "googleshopping_gender": "",
            "googleshopping_age_group": "",
            "googleshopping_item_size": "",
            "googleshopping_size_type": "",
            "googleshopping_size_system": "",
            "googleshopping_adwords_redirect_url": "",
            "googleshopping_multipack": "",
            "googleshopping_is_bundled": "",
            "googleshopping_adult_product": "",
            "googleshopping_custom_0": "",
            "googleshopping_custom_1": "",
            "googleshopping_custom_2": "",
            "googleshopping_custom_3": "",
            "googleshopping_custom_4": "",
            "googleshopping_unit_value": "",
            "googleshopping_unit": "",
            "googleshopping_base_value": "",
            "googleshopping_base_unit": "",
            "googleshopping_ignore_product": "",
            "googleshopping_shipping_label": "",
            "googleshopping_gtin": ""
        "productdigitaldownloadcustomfields": {
            "enabled": "No",
            "max_dl": "Global",
            "expiration": "Global",
            "cdn_name": "",
            "miva_path": "",
            "miva_name": "",
            "bucket": "",
            "file": "",
            "region": ""
        "productimagecustomfields": {
            "main": "graphics/00000001/1/ny__gift-card--main.png",
            "back": ""
        "productdata": {
            "data_field_code": "0"

Update Inventory#

    "Store_code": "beta",
    "Function": "Product_Update",
    "Product_SKU": "555185",
    "Product_Inventory": 50

Example Response#

    "success": 1

Example Error Response#

    "success": 0,
    "error_code": "MER-JSN-00018",
    "error_message": "Invalid value for field 'Product_Canonical_Category_Code': Category 'aaaaa' not found",
    "validation_error": true,
    "error_field": "Product_Canonical_Category_Code",
    "error_field_message": "Category 'aaaaa' not found"

Error Responses#

Error Code Error Message Error Description
MER-JSN-PRD-00013 Product not found Product Code sent in Edit_Product field does not exist.
MER-JSN-PRD-00014 Product not found Product Code sent in Product_Code does not exist.
#Error# Unable to load product One of Edit_Product, Product_ID, Product_Code, or Product_SKU must be specified.
MER-JSN-PRD-00072 Ambiguous product SKU Two or more products share the same product SKU.