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This function is part of the Product Data Fields and Feeds Module. It allows you to mark a product as modified (add it to the Queue for processing), delete a product from the queue as well as trigger the queue to be processed.


The Product Data Fields and Feeds module must be installed in order to be used. Because this is a module level function you’ll need to use the following format to whitelist the function for your API token:


Request Body Parameters#

Type Description
Function String For Module level functions this will always have the value of: “Module”
Module_Code String Module Code. Always productdata for this function
Module_Function String Function to execute. Always ProductModified for this function.
ID Number of product
Product code string
Product code string
Product SKU string
ProductDataField_Code String The code of the data field which should get processed.
Queue Boolean Boolean Value if the product should be added to the queue
Delete Boolean Boolean Value if the Product should be deleted from the queue
Trigger Boolean Boolean Value if the function call should trigger the scheduled task to run to process the queue. The trigger value must also be configured at the Data Field level in the module.

Response Parameters#

Name Description
success boolean value for if the request was successful

Example Request#

    "Store_code": "beta",
    "Function": "Module",
    "Module_Code": "productdata",
    "Module_Function": "ProductModified",
    "Product_Code": "Shirt",
    "ProductDataField_Code": "searchfeed",
    "Queue": true,
    "Delete": false,
    "Trigger": true

Example Response#

    "success": 1

Error Responses#

Error Code Error Message Error Description
invalid_function Invalid Function Request syntax is incorrect. This is a module level function, so “Module” needs to be passed in the Function Parameter.
invalid_module Invalid Module Request syntax is incorrect. This is a module level function, so Module_Code parameter needs to be “productdata”.