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This function is used to pull the page templates and page settings for a specific branch.

Request Body Parameters#

Type Description
count Number Count is used to tell Miva how many records to return.
offset Offset Used in conjunction with the Count parameter for paginating results of large datasets. Default is 0.
sort String Field to sort results by. Available sorting fields listed below. Use - prefix for a descending sort.
filter Object Array of Object containing search filters. See usage here
Branch Name set as primary
Branch ID set as primary
changeset_id Number Optional Changeset ID. If omitted, the response will include templates from the head of the Branch.

Supported Sort Columns#

One of these values would be passed in the sort request parameter to have the results sorted by that column. Value may be preceded by - for a descending sort.

Sort Description
id Branch ID

On Demand Columns#

source Template Source
settings Template Settings

Response Parameters#

Type Description
total_count Number Total number of records that match your search criteria. Note: this is not always the total products returned. Based on the Count and Offset parameters passed, the number of records returned could be different than the total_count.
start_offset Number Number of the starting offset number of branches to return. Used in conjunction with the Count parameter for paginating results of large datasets.
id Number Template Version ID
templ_id Number Template ID
user_id Number Admin User ID of the user who created the template version.
parent_id Number Parent ID - Used for Theme Component Templates
prop_id Number ID of Managed Property
sync Boolean Boolean flag sync template
filename String Filename of the template
dtstamp Unix Timestamp Date/Time stamp for when template version was created
source String Template Source
settings Array JSON Array of Objects defining the settings for each template and component assigned to the page. Not all templates will have settings, and different types of templates will have completely different settings.

Example Request#

    "Store_code": "beta",
    "Function": "BranchTemplateVersionList_Load_Query",
    "Branch_Name": "Dev Branch",
    "Count": "10",
    "Offset": "0",
    "Sort": "",
    "Filter": [
            "name": "ondemandcolumns",
            "value": ["source", "settings"]

Example Response#

    "success": 1,
    "data": {
        "total_count": 501,
        "start_offset": 0,
        "data": [
                "id": 614,
                "templ_id": 262,
                "user_id": 1,
                "parent_id": 0,
                "item_id": 40,
                "prop_id": 0,
                "sync": true,
                "filename": "abal-customer.mvc",
                "dtstamp": 1596484538,
                "source": "",
                "settings": {
                    "editable": 0,
                    "mode": "tokens_only_nodisplay",
                    "prevent_template_auto_Update": 0,
                    "template_filename": "abal-customer.mvc",
                    "template_id": 262
            // Other template objects here