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This function allows you to update the Bill To & Ship To information attached to an order.


If a customer_id is specified, then that customer is assigned to the order.

Request Body Parameters#

Type Description
Order_ID Number Order_ID to update
Customer_ID Number Customer_ID to Assign to the order
Ship_Residential Boolean Flag for whether the shipping address is residential or not.
Ship_FirstName String FirstName for Ship To address
Ship_LastName String LastName for Ship To address
Ship_Email String Email for Ship To address
Ship_Phone String Phone Number for Ship To address
Ship_Fax String Fax Number for Ship To address
Ship_Company String Company Name for Ship To address
Ship_Address1 String Address line 1 for Ship To address
Ship_Address2 String Address line 2 for Ship To address
Ship_City String City for Ship To address
Ship_State String State for Ship To Address
Ship_Zip String Zip Code for Ship To address
Ship_Country String Country for Ship To Address
Bill_FirstName String FirstName for Bill To address
Bill_LastName String LastName for Bill To address
Bill_Email String Email for Bill To address
Bill_Phone String Phone Number for Bill To address
Bill_Fax String Fax Number for Bill To address
Bill_Company String Company Name for Bill To address
Bill_Address1 String Address line 1 for Bill To address
Bill_Address2 String Address line 2 for Bill To address
Bill_City String City for Bill To address
Bill_State String State for Bill To Address
Bill_Zip String Zip Code for Bill To address
Bill_Country String Country for Bill To Address

Response Parameters#

Type Description
success boolean boolean value for if the request was successful

Example Request#

    "Store_code": "beta",
    "Function": "Order_Update_Customer_Information",
    "Order_ID": 200100,

    "Customer_ID": 1,
    "Ship_Residential": 0,
    "Ship_FirstName": "ShpFirstName",
    "Ship_LastName": "ShpLastName",
    "Ship_Email": "ShpEmail",
    "Ship_Phone": "ShpPhone",
    "Ship_Fax": "ShpFax",
    "Ship_Company": "ShpCompany",
    "Ship_Address1": "ShpAddr1",
    "Ship_Address2": "ShpAddr2",
    "Ship_City": "ShpCity",
    "Ship_State": "ShpState",
    "Ship_Zip": "ShpZip",
    "Ship_Country": "ShpCountry",
    "Bill_FirstName": "BillFName",
    "Bill_LastName": "BillLName",
    "Bill_Email": "BillEmail",
    "Bill_Phone": "BillPhone",
    "Bill_Fax": "BillFax",
    "Bill_Company": "BillCompany",
    "Bill_Address1": "BillAddr1",
    "Bill_Address2": "BillAddr2",
    "Bill_City": "BillCity",
    "Bill_State": "BillState",
    "Bill_Zip": "BillZip",
    "Bill_Country": "BillCountry"

Example Response#

    "success": 1

Error Responses#

Error Code Error Message Error Description
MER-JSN-ORD-00025 Order not found. Order number not found.
MER-JSN-00018 Invalid value for field ‘Customer_ID’: Customer not found Customer does not exist.