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This function adds an item to a quote.

Request Parameters#

Type Description
function String For module level functions this parameter will always have the value Module
module_code String The module code will always have the value quote for this function
module_function String Specifies the function being executed, in this case QuoteItem_Add
The id of the quote
The code of the quote
The code of the quote
code String Product Code for the item to be added
name String Product Name for the item
sku String Product SKU number of the item
quantity Number Quantity of the item to be added
price Number Product price of the item
weight Number Product weight of the item
taxable Boolean The taxable status of the item
attributes Object Attribute options for the item

attributes Object#

Type Description
attr_id Number Item Attribute ID
attmpat_id Number Attribute Template ID
attr_code String Item Attribute Code
opt_code_or_data String Product option code or additional product data
price Number Product Attribute Price
weight Number Product Attribute Weight

Response Parameters#

Type Description
success Boolean Boolean value indicating if the API request was successful
total Number Total of the quote
formatted_total String Formatted total of the quote

Example Request#

    "Store_code": "beta",
    "Function": "Module",
    "Module_Code": "quote",
    "Module_Function": "QuoteItem_Add",
    "Quote_ID": 1008,
    "Code": "bulk-01",
    "Name": "Bulk Rock Coffee",
    "SKU": "817715",
    "Quantity": 2,
    "Price": 1247.5,
    "Weight": 100,
    "Taxable": 1,
    "Attributes": [
            "attr_id": 1,
            "attmpat_id": 0,
            "attr_code": "roast",
            "opt_code_or_data": "toasted",
            "price": 0,
            "weight": 0

Example Response#

    "success": 1,
    "data": {
        "total": 2519.95,
        "formatted_total": "$2,519.95"

Error Responses#

Error Code Error Message Error Description
MER-UTL-QUOTES-00343 Quote not found Quote not found
MER-UTL-QUOTES-00346 Unable to load quote: One of Quote_ID, Edit_Quote, or Quote_Code must be specified Unable to load quote
MER-JSN-00023 One or more parameters are invalid Missing line_id(s) parameter
MER-UTL-QUOTES-00150 This quote has already been purchased, you can no longer modify items Quote not eligible for update