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This function allows you to load a list of addresses associated with a customer account. See the List Load Query Overview guide to get started.

Request Body Parameters#

Type Description
count Number Maximum lines of data allowed to be returned in the response. This limit is used to prevent excessive amounts of data return
filter String A string for filtering returned data
offset Number Used with the Count parameter for paginating results of large datasets. Default 0 is no offset.
sort String The order for sorting returned data
The customer id
The customer login
The customer login

Response Parameters#

Type Description
total_count Number total_count is the total number of records that match your search criteria. Note: this is not always the total customers returned. Based on the Count and Offset parameters passed, the number of records returned could be different than the total_count.
start_offset Number Number number of the starting offset number of customers to return. Used in conjunction with the Count parameter for paginating results of large datasets.
id Number Customer Id
cust_id Number Customer Id
descrip String Address Description
fname String First Name
lname String Last Name
email String Email Address
comp String Company
phone String Phone Number
fax String Fax Number
addr1 String Address 1
addr2 String Address 2
city String City
state String State
zip String Zip Code
cntry String Country
resdentl Boolean Flag for Residential Address (used in shipping rates)

Example Request#

    "Store_code": "beta",
    "Function": "CustomerAddressList_Load_Query",
    "Count": 0,
    "Offset": 0,
    "Customer_Login": "test"

Example Response#

    "success": 1,
    "data": {
        "total_count": 1,
        "start_offset": 0,
        "data": [
                "id": 1,
                "cust_id": 1,
                "descrip": "Work Address",
                "fname": "John",
                "lname": "Smith",
                "email": "",
                "comp": "MIva, Inc",
                "phone": "555-555-555",
                "fax": "",
                "addr1": "16745 W. Bernardo Dr, Fourth Floor",
                "addr2": "",
                "city": "San Diego",
                "state": "CA",
                "zip": "92127",
                "cntry": "US",
                "resdntl": false