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This function allows you to look up customers assigned to a specific price group.

Request Parameters#

Type Description
count Number Maximum lines of data allowed to be returned in the response. This limit is used to prevent excessive amounts of data return
filter String A string for filtering returned data
offset Number Used with the Count parameter for paginating results of large datasets. Default 0 is no offset.
sort String The order for sorting returned data
ID of the Price Group.
Price Group code
Price Group code

Response Parameters#

Type Description
total_count Number total_count is the total number of records that match your search criteria.
start_offset Number Number of the starting offset number of records to return.
id Number Customer Id
account_id Number Business Account Id
login String Customer Login
pw_email String Forgot Password Email
ship_id Number Address Book Shipping Address ID
ship_res Boolean Boolean flag used to determine if commercial or residential rates are returned.
ship_fname String Shipping First Name
ship_lname String Customer Last Name
ship_email String Shipping Email Address
ship_comp String Shipping Company
ship_phone String Shipping Phone Number
ship_fax String Shipping Fax Number
ship_addr1 String Shipping Address 1
ship_addr2 String Shipping Address 2
ship_city String Shipping City
ship_state String Shipping State. 2 digit state code
ship_zip String Shipping Zip Code
ship_cntry String Shipping Country. 2 digit country code
bill_id Number Billing Address ID
bill_fname String Billing First Name
bill_lname String Customer Last Name
bill_email String Billing Email Address
bill_comp String Billing Company
bill_phone String Billing Phone Number
bill_fax String Billing Fax Number
bill_addr1 String Billing Address 1
bill_addr2 String Billing Address 2
bill_city String Billing City
bill_state String Billing State. 2 digit state code
bill_zip String Billing Zip Code
bill_cntry String Billing Country. 2 digit country code
note_count Number Number of Notes assigned to customer record
dt_created Unix Timestamp Unix timestamp of the date account was created.
dt_login Unix Timestamp Date Time of Last Login
credit Number Customer Account Credit
formatted_credit String Currency Formatted Customer Account Credit
business_title String Name of Business Account customer is assigned to
assigned Boolean Flag to indicate customer is assigned to the Price Group passed in as a parameter

Example Requests#

    "Store_code": "beta",
    "Function": "PriceGroupCustomerList_Load_Query",
    "PriceGroup_Name": "Wholesale",
    "Offset": 0,
    "Count": 0,
    "Sort": ""

Example Response#

    "success": 1,
    "data": {
        "total_count": 1,
        "start_offset": 0,
        "data": [
                "id": 1,
                "account_id": 0,
                "login": "bheyde",
                "pw_email": "",
                "ship_id": 0,
                "ship_res": true,
                "ship_fname": "",
                "ship_lname": "",
                "ship_email": "",
                "ship_comp": "",
                "ship_phone": "",
                "ship_fax": "",
                "ship_addr1": "",
                "ship_addr2": "",
                "ship_city": "",
                "ship_state": "",
                "ship_zip": "",
                "ship_cntry": "US",
                "bill_id": 0,
                "bill_fname": "",
                "bill_lname": "",
                "bill_email": "",
                "bill_comp": "",
                "bill_phone": "",
                "bill_fax": "",
                "bill_addr1": "",
                "bill_addr2": "",
                "bill_city": "",
                "bill_state": "",
                "bill_zip": "",
                "bill_cntry": "",
                "note_count": 0,
                "dt_created": 1565210855,
                "dt_login": 0,
                "credit": 0.0,
                "formatted_credit": "$0.00",
                "business_title": "",
                "assigned": true