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Anatomy of a Page#

One of the most powerful features of Miva is the ability to customize every aspect of the look and feel for every page of the store. Miva gives full control for every design element through what Miva calls “Pages.” Pages are essentially different templates for different parts of your store. The storefront has its own page and so does the category page and the product page.

The Pages section, can be found by navigating to user interface within the Miva admin. This section includes individual templates that control each user facing web page on the store. A default store comes with about 80 page templates, and new pages are always being created as features are constantly added to the software.

The Edit Page section will include a Details tab under the Page section along with other sections that correspond to the Items that are assigned to the page. The location that these sections display can be customized by selecting the ... more button then selecting Edit tab Display Order. This functionality can be done throughout the admin interface. The default templates in each section are simply a mix of HTML, Miva Items, and Miva Template language which includes variables, entities, conditionals and so on. Some other languages like CSS and JavaScript can be included within these templates as well.