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Introduction to Miva#


Miva Merchant was originally developed by Miva, Inc., formerly known as Miva Corporation, founded in 1997. The platform emerged during the early days of e-commerce when businesses were seeking solutions to establish online storefronts.

In its early years, Miva Merchant gained traction as a flexible and customizable e-commerce solution, offering features such as product management, order processing, and secure payment integration. It quickly became a popular choice for businesses looking to enter the world of online retail.

Throughout the years, Miva Merchant underwent several iterations and updates to keep pace with evolving technology and changing market demands. New features were introduced to enhance the user experience, improve performance, and support emerging e-commerce trends.

Miva Merchant’s adaptability and robust feature set have contributed to its longevity in the e-commerce landscape. It continues to be a trusted platform for businesses of all sizes, offering scalability, reliability, and extensive customization options.

Today, Miva Merchant remains a leading e-commerce solution, powering thousands of online stores across various industries. Its rich history and ongoing development efforts reflect its commitment to providing merchants with the tools they need to succeed in the ever-changing world of online retail.


Empressa is the proprietary engine that powers the Miva Merchant e-commerce platform. It serves as the backbone of the platform, handling various critical functions such as processing orders, managing inventory, handling payments, and facilitating interactions between the storefront and the database. Empressa is designed to provide scalability, reliability, and performance, ensuring that Miva Merchant can effectively support both small businesses and large enterprises. Additionally, Empressa incorporates security features to safeguard sensitive customer information and transactions, making it a robust and trusted solution for online retailers.


MivaScript is a powerful proprietary scripting language developed by Miva. It serves as the backbone for implementing dynamic functionality and customizations within Miva stores.

MivaScript enables developers to manipulate data, control the behavior of storefront elements, and create custom business logic to meet specific requirements. It features a robust set of constructs such as variables, functions, conditional statements, loops, and database interactions. This allows developers to build dynamic product pages, implement complex pricing structures, manage user accounts, process orders, and integrate third-party services seamlessly.

With its flexibility and extensive functionality, MivaScript empowers developers to create highly customized and tailored e-commerce solutions that align with the unique needs of businesses and their customers. Additionally, MivaScript’s efficient execution and integration capabilities contribute to the overall performance and scalability of Miva-powered online stores.