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Custom Fields#

Custom fields in Miva Merchant provide a powerful means to extend the default data model of the platform, allowing users to capture additional information beyond the standard set of fields. These fields can be associated with various entities such as pages, products, categories, customers, or orders, enabling users to tailor their e-commerce platform to suit their specific business needs.

Key Features#

  1. Product Information Enhancement:

    • Users can create custom fields to store unique product attributes or specifications that are not covered by the default product fields. Examples include color options, materials, dimensions, or any other product-specific details.
  2. Customer Data Personalization:

    • Custom fields can be added to customer profiles to capture additional information such as preferences, interests, or demographic data. This allows for targeted marketing efforts and personalized customer interactions.
  3. Order Management Customization:

    • Custom fields associated with orders can include notes, special instructions, or other order-specific attributes, enhancing the order management process and providing flexibility to accommodate unique business requirements.
  4. Category Information Customization:

    • Users can create custom fields associated with product categories to provide additional categorization options or store category-specific details. This facilitates more efficient product organization and management.
  5. Flexible Reporting and Analysis:

    • Custom fields enable users to capture and analyze data beyond the standard set of fields provided by Miva Merchant. This capability allows for the generation of custom reports, in-depth analysis, and insights into specific aspects of business operations.


  • Flexibility: Custom fields offer flexibility to adapt the e-commerce platform to evolving business needs and requirements.
  • Enhanced Data Capture: Users can capture a wide range of additional information relevant to their business operations.
  • Improved Customer Engagement: Personalized customer data enables targeted marketing campaigns and enhanced customer service.
  • Tailored Order Management: Custom order fields facilitate efficient order processing and management.
  • Detailed Reporting: Custom fields support detailed reporting and analysis, providing insights for informed decision-making.


Custom fields in Miva Merchant empower users to extend the platform’s capabilities and capture specific information relevant to their business operations. By leveraging custom fields, users can enhance product data, personalize customer interactions, streamline order management, and gain valuable insights through customized reporting and analysis.