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Custom Field Groups#

In Miva Merchant, Custom Field Groups offer a structured approach to organizing and managing custom fields within the administrative interface. By categorizing custom fields under specific groups, administrators can streamline data management and ensure clarity in field organization. This documentation provides an overview of Custom Field Groups, their setup, and practical applications within the Miva Merchant environment.


  1. Accessing Custom Field Settings: Navigate to the Custom Field Settings section within the Miva Merchant administrative interface.
  2. Creating a New Group: In the Custom Field Group tab, initiate the creation of a new group by specifying a unique code and a descriptive name (e.g., “Specs”). Upon completion, save the group configuration.
  3. Assigning Fields to Groups: Return to the Custom Fields section and edit existing custom fields or create new ones. Within the field configuration options, select the desired group from the dropdown menu to associate the field with a specific group.
  4. Group Filtering: Utilize group-based filtering options to streamline field management. Sort and display custom fields based on their assigned groups to enhance navigation and accessibility.


  1. Product Specification Group: Illustrate the functionality of custom field groups by creating a group specifically for product specifications. Assign relevant custom product fields to this group to consolidate and categorize product-related data.
  2. Streamlined Data Management: Experience the organizational benefits of custom field groups by accessing designated tabs within product editing interfaces. Grouped fields are logically presented, simplifying data entry and updates for administrators.
  3. Expanded Application: Extend the concept of custom field groups beyond product-related fields. Apply similar principles to customer fields, order fields, or any other custom field types supported by Miva Merchant.


  1. Enhanced Organization: Grouped custom fields facilitate efficient data management, enabling administrators to locate and manage related fields more effectively.
  2. Improved User Experience: Structured field presentation enhances usability within the administrative interface, reducing navigation complexity and enhancing productivity.
  3. Flexible Configuration: Custom field groups accommodate diverse data management requirements, offering flexibility in organizing and accessing custom field data.


Miva Merchant’s Custom Field Groups feature empowers administrators to organize and manage custom fields effectively within the platform’s administrative interface. By structuring fields into logical groups, administrators can enhance data organization, streamline navigation, and optimize productivity. With its intuitive setup and versatile applications, Custom Field Groups offer a valuable tool for administrators seeking to optimize their data management workflows within Miva Merchant.