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Miva Merchant Architecture / Ecosystem#

The Miva software is constructed using a proprietary scripting language known as MivaScript, coupled with a specialized engine installed on the server. Understanding the foundational structure upon which Miva is built proves invaluable when navigating the process of store creation within the software.

File Structure#

New installations of Miva have a number of directories that are created on the server when the software is installed. The two main directories that contain the major components needed to run Miva are, private and mm5.

The private directory can be found on the root of the server. Within this directory are all the files related to the store which are not open to the public and this is where the mivadata directory can be found. The mivadata directory consists of many subdirectories and files that run the functionality that powers Miva software. When building a store the mivadata directory is mainly used for retrieving any exported files from the admin.

MM5 Directory#

Within in the public httpdocs directory of the server will be the mm5 directory. This serves as the main directory for front-end assets. Starting in Version 9.0007 the mm5 directory contains the following:

  • 5.00
  • css
  • fonts
  • frameworks
  • graphics
  • themes
  • scripts *

*Additionally if a file has been added to the JavaScript Resources section a scripts directory will be available.

Within some of these directories there are sub directories for each store that is installed. The naming convention of the subdirectories eight digits starting with are 00000001 for store 1, 00000002 for store 2, and so on. The files contained in the CSS and graphics sub directories can be uploaded and edited directly through the Miva admin.