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Native Parameters#

In the realm of Miva Merchant development, understanding the default parameters passed in URLs plays a pivotal role in navigating and customizing store functionality. Parameters passed in the URL are automatically transformed into global variables within Miva Merchant, facilitating streamlined access and utilization of data. The default URL structure of Miva Merchant typically includes parameters such as Store_Code, Screen, Product_Code, Category_Code, and Action, each serving distinct purposes in defining and rendering pages within the store.


  1. Screen:

    • Defines the page code to be rendered, such as “SFNT” for the storefront page.
    • Acts as a controller for directing page rendering based on incoming requests.
  2. Product_Code:

    • Identifies the product being displayed.
    • Utilized primarily on the product page for dynamic product rendering.
  3. Category_Code:

    • Specifies the category being displayed.
    • Primarily employed on category pages to retrieve and display category-specific information.
  4. Store_Code:

    • Optional parameter indicating the store from which data is retrieved.
    • Crucial in multi-store setups, ensuring data retrieval from the correct store.
  5. Action:

    • Indicates the action being performed, such as adding a product to the cart or logging in.
    • Key component in executing specific operations within the Miva Merchant environment.

Hidden Inputs and Actions#

  • Hidden inputs within forms operate similarly to URL parameters, instructing Miva Merchant on actions and data manipulation.
  • Actions, such as “ADPR” for adding a product to the cart, trigger specific functionalities within the store environment.


Understanding the default parameters in Miva Merchant URLs is essential for developers seeking to customize store behavior and functionality. By grasping the roles and functionalities of parameters like Screen, Product_Code, and Action, developers can effectively navigate the Miva Merchant environment and tailor store experiences to meet specific requirements.

As developers delve deeper into Miva Merchant development, familiarity with these default parameters and their utilization becomes indispensable, empowering developers to create dynamic and responsive online stores tailored to their clients’ needs.