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Product List#

Product list items play a pivotal role in shaping the presentation of product information and offer a wealth of customization options for developers. A product list item serves as a robust tool for managing the layout of product listings displayed on Miva Merchant pages. These listings encompass a range of contexts, including category pages, search results, related products, and the comprehensive “All Products” page (designated as PLST).

For example, the Category page (CTGY), one of the assigned items is the Category List Layout, denoted by the item name category_listing and linked to the CSSUI Product List module. It’s noteworthy that all product list items reference this common module, albeit with variations in the data array used to populate the listings.

Examining the page template reveals the integration of the category list item, which governs the layout of the product listings. The template includes a <mvt:foreach> loop responsible for iterating through the array of products assigned to the category, affording developers granular control over the layout and appearance of each listing.


The product list item offers a plethora of customizable settings to tailor the listing’s behavior and presentation. Developers can configure options such as including category codes in URLs, assigning custom fields, specifying image types, managing sorting preferences, implementing pagination, and defining the number of items displayed per page. These functionalities empower developers to create dynamic and user-friendly product listing pages tailored to specific requirements.

It’s important to emphasize that product list items are ubiquitous across Miva Merchant pages wherever product listings are featured. Whether it’s a category page, search results, related products, or the comprehensive “All Products” page, each listing is governed by its respective product list item. This uniformity ensures consistent management and customization of product listings throughout the platform.


In conclusion, product list items constitute a cornerstone of Miva Merchant’s functionality, providing developers with robust tools to shape the layout and presentation of product listings across various pages. With their extensive customization options and versatile applications, product list items empower developers to create engaging and tailored product listing experiences for users.