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Facet Rules

1. Filter by Facet Module

2. Edit Priorities

3. Edit Category Rules

Facets provide filtering functionality on Search and Category pages. For example, a customer can filter the products in your store by price, brand, category, size, etc. Miva provides a Standard Facets module for price, category and attributes. You can also configure custom fields as facets. See Utilities > Custom Fields Tab.

To use the core category/price/attributes facets, you must first install the Standard Facets module in your store.

  1. Go to Menu> Utilities > Add/Remove Modules tab.
  2. Select the Available Modules section.
  3. Click on the Install button for the Standard Facets module.

When you install the Standard Facets module, Miva automatically populates the Facet Rules list with category, price, and any available attributes by default. You can exclude facets on the Standard Facet Settings tab in Utilities.

  1. Go to Menu> Utilities > Standard Facet Settings tab.
  2. Check or uncheck each facet you want to appear/not appear in your store.
  3. Enter the number of price ranges you want to display in the Maximum Price Options box.

Utility Settings

If all options (Price, Category, Attributes) are checked, all available facets will be available on the Facet Rules tab in Catalog.


You can edit the Facet Rules for each facet.

  1. Go to Menu> Catalog > Facet Rules tab.
  2. Select the facet you wish to edit and click the edit icon Edit or double-click on the facet.

The Facet Rules dialog appears.

Facet Rules

Module: The name of the module from which the facet originates. The preceding example uses the core facets from the Standard Facets module. You can also create facets from custom fields.
Facet Code: The facet code from the Facet Rules table.
Priority: Priority determines the order in which facets appear on the store page. If no priority is specified (all are 0) the default order is used.
Global Status: Show or hide the facet globally
Default Category Status: Show or Hide
Default Category Status: Show or Hide
Facet Name: The facet display name. If this field is empty, the default display name is used.
Facet Display Type: Radio buttons (only one can be selected), checkbox (multiples can be selected), drop-down list, range slider (only available on the price facet), nested (only option available on the category facet).

In your store, the facets will appear as selectable options in the sidebar that the customer can check to narrow their search results.

Search Results

There are three buttons on the Facet Rules tab: Edit Category Rules, Edit Priorities and Filter by Facet Module.

Filter by Facet Module

If you have facets of both types (standard and custom fields), you may wish to filter out one type or the other. To filter out the facet module that you don’t want to see, click on the Filter by Facet Module button and check which facets you want to see.

Standard Facets

Edit Priorities

To edit the facet priorities all at once, click on the Edit Priorities button.

The facets appear in your store in priority order (highest to lowest).

Facet Priorities Facet Priorities

Edit Category Rules

Each category has its own Facet Rules tab, giving you full control over how the facets are displayed. The category facet rules override the global settings under Catalog > Facet Rules. To edit the category facet rules, click on the Edit Category Rules button. The Category Facet Rules dialog displays.

Catalog Facet Rules

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