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Edit Products

1. Gift Certificate Sales

2. URIs

3. Digital Download Settings

4. Custom Fields

5. Subscription Terms

6. Subscriptions

7. Marketplace - eBay Product Listings

8. Marketplace - eBay Listing Settings

9. Marketplace - Amazon Product Listings

10. Marketplace - Etsy Product Listings

11. Marketplace - Etsy Listing Settings

Gift Certificate Sales

Please see:


Please see: URI Management

Digital Download Settings

Please see:

Custom Fields

Please see: To Create a New Custom Field.

Subscription Terms

For detailed information about this tab, please see:

When you create a subscription you create one or more Terms. The Term is like a schedule. It's the frequency and quantity you will ship to the customer. For example:

The customer selects the term that they want during checkout and receives products on that schedule.

The main purpose of this tab is to create and edit terms that you want to offer customers. However, in this tab you can also see which terms have been purchased by customers.

  1. In the Subscription Terms tab, select a term and click View Term Subscriptions.
  2. Classic Coffee Classic Coffee

If you want information about the subscriptions your customers have purchased, you would generally look in:

Menu> Order Processing > Subscriptions tab

Menu> Catalog > edit product > Subscriptions tab

But you can get some information by clicking on the View Term Subscriptions button.


The Subscriptions tab is mainly used to view the subscriptions that customers have purchased.

Please see Subscriptions

Marketplace - eBay Product Listings

Please see:

Marketplace - eBay Listing Settings

Please see:

Marketplace - Amazon Product Listings

Please see:

Marketplace - Etsy Product Listings

See Marketplaces - Etsy > Listings Tab.

Marketplace - Etsy Listing Settings

See To Edit a Product's Etsy Listing Settings.

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