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Inventory Kit Builder

Use the Inventory Kit Builder tab to create a kit if your kit has Attributes and options. If your kit has no options that the customer can select, use the Catalog > Edit Product > Inventory Variants Tab.

In this section we'll use an example where the customer can purchase a kit of computer parts. The basic kit consists of:

To build a kit with the Inventory Kit Builder

  1. Go to Menu> Catalog > Products.
  2. Create a product for the kit and for every part that will go into the kit.
  3. In this example, we want to track inventory for every part in the kit, so we need a product entry for each part, and a product entry for the kit itself. If you had an option, such as monogramming or gift boxing, that didn't need inventory tracking, you would not need to create a product entry for those.

    Inventory Kit

  4. After you create the kit product, and all of the part products, edit the kit product (basic_tower_kit) and select the Attributes tab. The kit product is the product that will contain everything else. In our example, it's the basic_tower_kit.
  5. In the Attributes tab we'll create an Attribute called CPU with two options: CPU_6400, and CPU_6800. This might seem a little weird, because, in the previous step, we created products for cpu_6400 and cpu_6800, and now we're creating options with the same names, but both steps are necessary.
  6. CPUS

  7. Select the Inventory Kit Builder tab. You can see the attribute and the two options that we created.
  8. Inventory Kit Builder

  9. Double Click on the first option (cpu_6400) to open the Edit Parts dialog box.

    6.1 In the Edit Parts dialog box, enter the product code for the first part that you want to add to the kit. In our example, we'll add the mouse to the kit first.

  10. 6.2. Click Add Part.

    Edit Parts

    6.3 You can use the Quantity column to set how many of that part are included in the kit. For example, we could set the mouse quantity to 2 so that each kit would include 2 mice.

    6.4 Add all of the products that you want to include in the kit and click Save in the Edit Parts dialog box. Our first kit is configured: a group of computer components with a 6400 CPU:

    Edit Parts

  11. After you have at least 1 kit configured, you can click on the Edit Inventory button. In this dialog box you can set the inventory for each part in the kit. It's the same as editing each product individually, but faster.
  12. Edit Inventory

  13. We'll repeat the steps above to create our second kit. Both kits are identical except that one kit comes with the 6400 CPU and the other comes with the 6800 CPU.
  14. Now click on the Generate Variants button. The Generate Variants button in the Inventory Kit Builder tab does not create any new products. It just associates the kit product in the database with all of the parts in the kit. In the Auto Generate Product Variants dialog box, select one of the following options:

    • Variant Price is set by the Master Product and its Attributes: the price of the kit is set by the kit product and the price that you entered for the attributes (if any). If you choose this option, the product page will only show the price of the Master Product (the kit product). The customer won't see the combined price of the kit product with options until they view their basket.
    • Variant Price is the sum of its Parts: the price of the kit product and the price of attributes are ignored. The prices for all parts in the kit are added together to set the kit price.
    • Product Variants

    • After you select one of the pricing options, click Generate. The kit is now available in your store.
    • Tower Kits

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