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Custom Fields

Custom fields let you add your own fields to categories, products, customer records, etc. For example, you can add a custom product field, such as MSRP, and display that field on a product page. See page 527 for several examples.

To Enable Custom Fields

  1. Go to Menu
  2. Select the Available Modules section.
  3. Under Custom Fields, click Install.
  4. A new tab will appear: Menu> Utilities > Custom Fields.

To Create a New Custom Field

  1. Go to > Utilities > Custom Fields tab.
  2. Click New Custom Field Add Custom Field.
  3. Fill out the fields in the Add Custom Field dialog box.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Add Custom Field


Select the type of custom field that you want to create.

  • Product: Add custom fields to Product pages in your online store.
  • Category: Add custom fields to Category pages in your online store.
  • Customer: Add custom fields to the Menu> Store Settings > Customer Fields Tab.
  • Order: Add custom fields to the Menu> Order Processing > edit order screen.

The code uniquely identifies your custom field in the database.

Name: The field name is displayed in the admin interface.
Facet: Check the Facet box if the custom field is a facet.
Field Type:

Use the field type to select a control or interface for the custom field. Most of these types are familiar and self-explanatory. You can create custom fields with text areas, radio buttons, checkboxes, etc. The one exception is a field type of "Image Upload", which is a bit different from the others. See Example: Adding a Custom Field with Image Upload.

  • Text Field
  • Text Area
  • Radio Button
  • Drop Down List
  • Checkbox
  • Image Upload


If the Rich Text Editor is enabled, it is available for text area custom fields.

Group: Custom field groups let you organize your custom fields. See Utilities > Custom Field Groups. The Group drop down list will show all of the custom field groups that you have created.

Additional Information: Add "hover text" to custom fields that appear in the admin interface. You might use Additional Information to tell admin users what kind of information they should put in the custom field or how the custom field is used.


  1. Create a custom field of type Order.
  2. Go to Menu> Order Processing > Orders tab.
  3. Edit an order.
  4. In the edit order screen, there will be a new link at the top: "Custom Fields."
  5. Custom Fields

    This link won't show up until you've created at least one custom field.
  6. Click on the Custom Fields link. A Custom Fields dialog box will open and show all of your "Order" type custom fields.
  7. Move the mouse over a custom field name. The text that you entered in the Additional Information field will appear as hover text.
  8. Custom Fields

    To Delete a Custom Field

    1. Go to Menu> Utilities > Custom Fields tab.
    2. In the Custom Fields tab, select a custom field.
    3. Click Delete Custom Field(s) Delete.

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