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Customer Settings

Customer Passwords

To Set Password Security for Customer Accounts

Follow the steps below to set password security for customer accounts in your on-line store. If you want to set password security for the admin interface, see Menu > Domain Settings > Domain Details Tab > Password Settings Section.

  1. Go to Menu> Customers > Customer Settings tab.
  2. Set the Minimum Password Length.
  3. Select an option for Password Complexity.
  4. Set a time, in minutes, for the Password Reset Link Expiration.

    Before PR8 Update 7, the Lost Password Email contained the customer's password in clear (unencrypted) text. As of PR8 Update 7, the Lost Password Email contains a link that customers can click on. The link takes the customers to a web page where they can reset their password. The reset link only remains valid for the time that you enter in this field. If the customer clicks on the link after it has expired, they will see an error message. The customer should go back to your on-line store and click the Forgot Password link to generate another email.

  5. Choose whether you want to require customers to reauthenticate (enter their current password) when they select a new password.
  6. Click the Update button.

Customer Lost Password Email

If a customer forgets their password they can click on a link in your on-line store and receive a lost password email. In Miva Merchant builds before PR8 Update 7, the customer was sent an email containing their password in clear (unencrypted) text. Starting with PR8 Update 7, customers receive an email containing a special hyperlink that they can use to reset their password.

  1. The customer goes to your on-line store and clicks on the Sign In link.
  2. Sign In

  3. At the login screen (LOGN), the customer clicks the Forgot Password link.
  4. Forgot Password

  5. The Forgot Password screen (FPWD) appears.
  6. Forgot Password

    The customer enters their email address, clicks the Submit button, and will automatically receive the lost password email, which contains a hyperlink. The customer can click on the link and visit a page to reset their password.

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