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Time Stamps

Time Stamps in Miva are created for Customers, Products and Categories. You can now see when they were created, updated, or when your customers last logged in. You can also sort and do advanced searches on the timestamps as well! Here's a brief overview of this feature:

1. Time Stamps for Products & Categories

2. Product Time Stamp

3. Category Time Stamp

4. Customer Time Stamp

5. Sorting Using Time Stamps

6. Searching Using Time Stamps

7. Advanced Search

Time Stamps for Products & Categories

Whenever you create a new product or category, Miva will create a time stamp for it. This way in the future, if you need to go back and look up products or categories that were entered on a specific day or time, it makes your search quick and easy!

Product Time Stamp

Time Stamp Product

Category Time Stamp

Time Stamp Category

Customer Time Stamp

The one difference between a time stamp for Customers vs. Categories and Products is that instead of Date Created and Last Updated, Customer Time Stamps are Date Created and Last Login. This will help helpful to search out customers that haven't been shopping for a while and you want to send them a quick reminder of new products that have arrived, or look up recently logged in customers and send them a thank you for visiting your store.

Time Stamp Customer

Sorting Using Time Stamps

To display your time stamps you must click on the Show/Hide Columns icon on the top left (3 vertical bars). Scroll down to your time stamps, in this example, Date Created and Last Login, click on them and they will display in your Batch List.

Display Customer Time Stamp

Now that they are displaying, you can sort them by simply clicking on the header for each column. They will sort in ascending and descending order by date and time as you click each the header.

Searching Using Time Stamps

Using Miva's Advanced Search tool is the best way to search using Time Stamps.

Advanced Search

Click on the Search Settings icon at the top right. Scroll down to Advanced Search and click on it.

Display Customer Time Stamp

The Advanced Search window will now pop up. Scroll down to where your Time Stamps are and click on the drop down to pick the time and dates you are looking for.

Display Customer Time Stamp

Display Customer Time Stamp

Once you have chosen your date range, click on the Search button and it will return your results in the Batch List.

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