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Videos | Mivapay 8 - Braintree Payments

Braintree is a built in module that can be installed in your Miva Merchant store. With Braintree’s usage of iframes, payments are handled without sensitive credit card information ever having to touch your online store’s webpages.
ver.9.6 and later

Video Transcript

Braintree is a built-in module that can be installed underneath “Payment.” You install it from “Add/Remove Modules.” Once installed you'll see this Braintree tab here. Here you can put in your Merchant ID Public and Private Key and select what payment methods you want to offer and that's all there is to setting up Braintree in Miva Merchant.

Once set up, Miva leverages the power of Braintree’s iframes to allow you to accept payments on your Miva Merchant website easily and securely. Let's take a look. Here we are at the Checkout Process. These methods are my Braintree payment methods. I'm going to go ahead and select Visa and hit “Continue.” This is the Braintree iframe. It allows your customers to put in their credit card numbers on your website without the credit card number actually touching your website. You'll see that when you start typing it automatically detects the card type and formats the card number and I'll just click, “Complete Order” to place this order. Now my order has been placed and that's Miva Merchant with Braintree payments.

Let's take a look at what Braintree looks like from the Admin side. So now I have an order that's been placed. I can come in to Order Processing and view that order. We can see that my order’s been authorized for $0.10. It has all of this information back from the Braintree Gateway and I can capture that amount, void that amount, authorizing new amount, or I can refund this order. I can capture up to the full amount of the order. Now I've authorized and captured, so this has been submitted for settlement. You can see the status here changes. I can also refund this amount if I wanted to, or authorize a new amount. This is useful if the customer calls and they need to add to the order. I can select their card type, get their card number over the phone and click authorize. Once again this is an iframe provided by Braintree so the credit card number is never touching your Miva Merchant store, keeping the process completely safe and secure. Let's take a look at the power that gets unlocked when you combine Braintree with MivaPay. Once configured within the Admin, your customers will be able to save their credit cards as a wallet within their account. So here I'm logged in as a customer. I'm going to click on “Manage Saved Cards.” You'll see that I have no payment cards attached to my account. I can quickly and easily add a new credit card. Similar to how Braintree pulls in information via an iframe, these fields are being pulled in via the MivaPay iframe, so the credit card data never touches your store. Once I've added the card information, I'll just click save. Now that my cards been added, I can use this card when I check out for all future purchases. Let's go buy a hat. You'll see here under payment options my saved card automatically shows up. It shows me the card type and the last 4, as well as the expiration date. Now I can choose this saved card or I can choose to use a new card which I would type in on the next screen. I’ll choose the same card and hit continue to payment. You'll see all my payment information is automatically loaded. The only thing the customer has to do on this screen is click on complete order. Now from the Admin side, I can come in and look up a customer and all of their saved credit cards. You'll see they have one saved credit card. I can edit this card from the Admin. I can't change the card number, but I can change the address and other information associated with a card. Let's say you have the customer on the phone, you can add a new card on their behalf, which is then associated to their customer account. Another feature of MivaPay and Braintree is when you place an order on behalf of a customer through the Admin. You can actually use their save credit cards. Let's say this customer called in and wanted to add something new to their order. Say they wanted to add a new hat. I'm going to add the Hawaiian hat. Now I need to authorize the card for the additional amount. So I can come here and click “Authorize” and because I'm creating an order that’s attached to this customer, I can use the saved credit card right from the Admin to authorize the additional amount with a single click without having to actually have the credit card on hand. MivaPay with Braintree also enables Subscription Management within Miva. It allows you to set up products that can automatically reorder based on any interval you choose. Once a customer purchases a subscription, the store will automatically use the credit card saved in their customer account from MivaPay to create a new order each month. The customer can then manage their subscription from their “My Account” page. It allows them to change or skip the next reorder date, they can change the term, change their shipping address, their shipping method and the card used to process the order. And that's a look at Braintree with MivaPay.

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