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Miva Merchant 9.4 introduces Wish List support. Wish Lists are bound to customer accounts. This video showcases how customers can use and manage Wish Lists in your Miva Merchant store.
ver.9.4 and later

Video Transcript

In Miva Merchant 9.4, we introduce support for Wish List functionality. Here we are in a test Miva Merchant store. We are on a Product Display page for the North Face Vault Backpack. If you scroll down you’ll notice that not only do I have the option to add this product to my basket, but I can add it to my Wish List as well.

Wish Lists are associated to a customer account, so when I click on this “Add to Wish List” button, the store will notice that I’m not currently logged into a customer account. It will take me to a page where I have two options; I can create a new customer account, or if I have a pre-existing customer account I can log in to it. Once I’m logged into my customer account, the system will automatically add this product to my wish list. Since this is the first time I’m using my Wish List with this customer, the system automatically creates a Wish List called “Wish List” and adds the backpack to that wish list. Let’s add another product. This time the system did not prompt me to log in because I added this product to my wish list while I was already signed in to my account. Let’s keep shopping.

Here we are in the Basket Contents screen. I currently have two products in my shopping cart. I have a number three shirt and a number six shirt. Notice, that if I change my mind, I can choose to add these products to my Wish List so that I can come back and purchase these products at a later date. I can choose a specific product to add to my wish list, or I can add all of the products contents to my Wish List by clicking on this “Move All to Wish List” button. Now I’m free to leave. The next time I come back to this Miva Merchant store, my Wish List will be waiting for me.

When I come back to this Miva Merchant store, I’ll have to log in to review my Wish List. I’ll click on “Sign In” and then I’ll enter my customer account information. Once you log in to a customer account, you’ll see a link for Wish List. On this screen I can see a list of all off the Wish Lists associated to this customer account. I currently only have one Wish List called “Wish List.” If I click on it I will be able to see all of the products in that list. On this page, I also have the option of creating a new Wish List if I want. To do so, I just click on “Create Wish List.” I can give a Wish List a title, and I could give it a note and if I want to make this list public, I’ll just click on this box here. Since this list is a tool to help me pick out a birthday present, I’ll go ahead and leave it private. Let’s go ahead and save this list. You can see now that I have two Wish Lists associated with this customer account.

Let’s click into the first Wish List. This pulls up every product in this Wish List. I can add some or all of the products to my basket by clicking on one of these buttons. I also have the option to Edit a Product by clicking on one of these links. You can add a Note to a product. You can choose how many of this product you want, and you can chose to move this product to another list if you so wish. When you’ve made your changes, click “Update” to save your work.

Finally, I’d like to point out that you can Edit this Wish List, Delete the Wish List and see that it currently has a “Private” status. Let’s click on “Edit.” Here you can change the name of the Wish List if you wish, give it a Note and you can keep this Wish List private, but if you want to make it Public, just click this checkbox and then click “Save” to save your work. I now have a Public Wish List called “Camping Wish List.”

Now when I’m shopping around, and I decide to add a product to my Wish List, since I have more than one Wish List, the store will ask me to choose which Wish List I want to add this product to. This way, the Miva Merchant software allows for multiple Wish Lists for each customer account.

Since I’ve made my Camping Wish List public, my friends and family will be able to go to this Miva Merchant store and find it. Notice that at the top of the store pages you’ll find a link called “Wish List.” This allows people to view public Wish Lists whether or not they have a customer account for this Miva Merchant store. Clicking on this link presents you with two options; you can either log into a User Account or do a search for one of the public Wish Lists in this Miva Merchant store. If I do a search for instance for the letter “A,” my search query will turn up all of the Wish Lists that have the letter A in it. Either in the Wish List Title or in the name of the person who created the Wish List. If I do a search for “Camping,” here I see Zeph’s Camping Wish List. I’m able to click into it, I can add some or all of these products into my basket, and purchase this on Zeph’s behalf.

Note, if someone searches a product from this Wish List, that product will be removed from the list so that the product won’t accidentally be purchased twice. And that’s a look at Wish Lists in Miva Merchant.

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