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In Miva Merchant 9.4 and later, you are able to organize multiple related customers accounts into a single business account record. You can add notes to business accounts and even assign Price Group savings to them. This video shows you how.
ver.9.4 and later

Video Transcript

In this video we’re going to have a look at a feature that’s new in version 9.4 of the Miva Merchant software. This feature is called “Business Account.” It allows you to assign customer accounts into a single business account and this has a few benefits. As you know you can add notes to Miva Merchant on a Customer Account level, on an Order Account level. You can also add notes on a Business Account level as well. Another benefit for business accounts is that it allows you to assign specific discounts to a business account which means any customer account assigned to that business account will be able to take advantage of that specific price group savings. Once you've logged into your Miva Merchant Admin, you can access Business Accounts by clicking into the Customer's area of the Admin. Once you're in the Customer section, you want to click into the Business Account tab. At the moment we have no Business Accounts in this test store, so we're going to add one by clicking on this “+” sign. I’m going to give the business a name. Then let me just exit out of this line here. Now that we have a new business account called Miva, we can select it and some contextual buttons appear on the top. We can edit it, we can delete it, we can manage customers for this business account and we can also manage notes for this business account as well. So if we click on this “Notes” button here, we were taken to a modal where if there were any notes for this business it would appear here and if you needed to add a note for this business you can click on this “+” sign and add your note here. Again these buttons on top are appearing because we have the Miva Business Account selected. So while it's selected, we're going to click on the “Customers” button and here we can view all of the customers in the store. At the moment we have four customers in this test store. Since all four of these customers are part of Miva, we can add them all by either clicking and dragging down or selecting them one by one or selecting one and then hitting “Command A” if you're on a Mac or “Control A” if you're on a PC to select all. Once you have them all selected you click on this “+” sign here in a box and it will assign all selected records to this business account. This is one of two areas in the Miva Merchant Admin or you can assign customers to businesses. Let’s go ahead and unassign Joe really quick and I'll show you the other method for adding a customer to a business.

When we go back into the Customer's tab, here we can see the batch list of all of the customers in the store. On the far right of the screen is a button called “Show/Hide Columns.” Clicking on it shows you all of the available columns that we can assign to this page. The one we were looking for in this instance is Business Account. Now that we've added the Business Account column, we can see that the top three customer accounts are assigned to the Miva Business Account and Joe's customer account is not part of any business. If we double click Jose’s line item, we can either type in Miva if we know the name of the business. We can also click this button here to browse all available business accounts in the store. Here we’re going to select Miva, click OK and then save and Joe's account is now assigned to the Miva Business Account. Lastly, let's say that this test store has a business arrangement with Miva where all Miva Representatives get a discount when they make a purchase on the store. Let's go over to the Marketing area and here we already have a price group set up that gives shoppers $5 off and it's eligible to specific customers. Normally when you have this sort of eligibility, you click into the Customer's button up here to define who you want to be able to receive this discount. Instead of going into the Customer's button for this price group, we're going to click on the Business Accounts button. Here we can see the Miva Business Account and if we assign it to this price group, any customer in the Miva Business Account will be able to trigger this specific discount. And that’s a look at Business Accounts inside of Miva Merchant.

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