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Learn how to create coupons that customers can enter at checkout to get discounts on their purchases.
ver.9.0 and later

Video Transcript

In this video we're going to walk you through the steps of setting up a coupon that takes 20% off a customer's basket total. For us to do that we're going to have to create two things in this test store admin; we're going to have to create a price group that allows customers to get 20% off their basket total and we're going to have to create a coupon so that when a customer punches in the coupon code in their baskets screen it's going to allow them to join the price group that does the math for the 20% discount. If none of this makes sense to you, I encourage you to go back and watch our overview video on Miva Merchant 9’s Price Groups and once you have that under your belt come back here and watch this video for setting up the 20% off coupon. Let's go ahead and click into the marketing area of the store admin and the first thing we want to do is create that Price Group. Here I am at our marketing and by default it takes us to the Price Groups tab. Right now we have no price groups in this test store. I'm going to add one by clicking on this “plus” sign. I’m going to call this price group 20% off and the eligibility is going to be changed from “Specific Customers” to “Coupon Only.” The type of price group will be basket discount and right now it's set to fixed which means if I typed in 20 here it's going to take off $20 from the basket total. I'm going to type in 20 and change this drop down from “Fixed” to Percent.” Now instead of $20 it's going to remove 20% off the basket total. That's it for this price group. I'm going to scroll down and save it.

So to recap, we set up a Price Group at 20% off and it's configured to take 20% off of the basket total, and only coupon customers will have access to this Price Group. Now let's go ahead and create a coupon for this particular Price Group. I'm going to click into the coupons tab right here and at the moment this store has no coupons. To create one, just click on this plus button right here. I'm going to call this coupon “Save 20,” and give it a quick description, “Save 20% off Total.” Now all customers who have this coupon or eligible for it and here we have a field call “Discount to Apply.” I want to click this drop down and we can see the 20% off price group that we created just a little bit ago. You can select to that price group or if you don't have one yet you can click on this a”Add New Price Group” and it will allow you to create one at this time. Since we already have the price group we want to target, we're going to select this one, 20% off, and this coupon code can be used an unlimited amount of times which is represented here. You just leave this 0. 0 equals unlimited uses and I'm just going to click on the “Save” button. But we get an error here and the error says “Codes may only contain letters numbers, underscores and dashes.” We got this error because this code has a space character right here which is a good reminder your coupon codes should have no special characters and it should have no space characters either. I'm just going to remove that space so now it says “Save20” and now when I go ahead and click the “Save” button, this time it's going to let me create that coupon. A customer will have to type in this coupon code on one of your store pages like the Basket page and depending on how your store’s configured, and with what your store’s configured with, will determine if you have any other steps you need to take to start offering coupons to your customers. Let me show you what I mean here. I'm going to click on this menu drop down and select “View Store.” Let's go ahead and add a product to my basket. I’m going to do a search for “boots.” Here's a product that's worth $100. I’m going to click “Add to Basket” and right away you can see that this particular test store is set up with the default CSS UI framework. This framework was created before we introduced the concept of coupons, so there is no area for you to actually punch in a coupon code on this basket screen at this time. If your story was using another framework like a Readytheme framework for instance, all Readytheme frameworks were created after this coupon functionality, so they have a place for you to punch in coupon codes by default, but since this is an older framework I'm going to have to opt-in to adding that snippet of code that allows you to take coupons on your basket screen. So let's go back into the store admin and again we're editing the basket screen so let's do a search for “bask” and let’s filter by pages. Here's the “Bask” page or “Basket Contents” page. Let’s click on that and if we scroll down there's a tab section called “Basket Contents.” You'll see options for coupons here provided that you're in “Point and Click” mode. Here is coupons and you can check off “Display Line Items for Applied Coupons” and you could also check off “Allow Coupons to be Applied.” This is what's going to show the coupon field on your basket screen. Let me click update to save my work and when I go back to the Store Page I just hit refresh and we now have a field to punch in a coupon. I’m going to type “save20” and notice I typed it in all lowercase, in the store admin it had a capital S, but I just wanted to show that this is not case sensitive. Now I’ll click on “Redeem” and now I have 20% off of my basket total which drops my $100 purchase to $80. Snd that's how you set up a 20% off coupon in Miva Merchant 9.

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