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Volume Pricing allows you to offer scaling discounts based on the number of products a customer has in their basket. Learn how to use this powerful Price Group by watching this video.
ver.9.0 and later

Video Transcript

Volume pricing allows you to offer different levels of savings based on the quantity of specified products that are in your Shoppers basket. To set up Volume Pricing, log into your Miva Merchant Admin and click into the “Marketing” area. We'll need to set up a new Price Group, which you can do by clicking on this “Add Price Group” button. It looks like a “+” sign. Give your Price Group a name and I'm going to make this eligible for “All Shoppers.” For the type, click on the drop-down and look for the one called Volume Pricing. There are two pricing methods that you can choose from and we'll go through each of them. The first one is called “Apply Single Pricing Table Entry Using Total Quantity” and the second one is “Apply Pricing Table Progressively.” For the time being we'll leave it set to “Apply Single Pricing Table Entry Using Total Quantity.” Now it's time to define the different tiers in your pricing table. For the first table row I'll set a quantity floor to 10 and for amount I’ll type in 10 as well. If a shopper purchases 10 discounted items or more, they will trigger this row of savings in the pricing table. In this case they will save an amount of 10%. I’m going to change it to say “Fixed.” Now if they purchase 10 or more discounted products they're going to trigger this row and save $10 instead. Note that each of the 10 products will be discounted by $10 so it would actually equal out to $100 of savings. I'm going to add a few more rows here. I'm going to use very easy numbers so the next row will be if they purchase 20 products they'll save $20 each and finally if they purchase 30 products the shopper will save $30 per product. That's all I want to set up in this price group and then go ahead and click the “Save” button to save the price group to my store. Lastly I wanted to define which products I want this price group to be able to discount so I'm going to click on the price group to select it and that allows me to click on the “Discounted Products” button on top. The product I want to offer Discount Volume Pricing on are my black boots. I'm going to go ahead and select it by clicking on this switch here so that it’s flagged as assigned. Once you selected all of the products that you want to assign to the price group, go ahead and click the “Close” button. Let’s go ahead and check our work here. I’m going to do a search for boot and here are my black boots. I'm going to add it to my basket and by default this product goes for $100. If I had 9 of these products in my basket, they'll be $100 a piece x 9 for total of $900, but as soon as I hit 10 products or more each boot is now discounted by $10 for total that is $900 which is reduced from $1000. Now if I change this so that I'm purchasing 20 boots, each boot gets a $20 discount for a total savings of $400. Let’s go back into the Store Admin and open up the Volume Pricing Price Group we created. The discounting behavior that we've seen so far for this price group is influenced by this setting here, “Apply Single Pricing Table Entry Using Total Quantity,” but if I change this so that we have “Apply Pricing Table Progressively” selected, let me click “Save,” the price table now calculates the volume pricing discounts a little differently. Let’s go back to the store and hit “Update.” My basket total changed and now says $1880. My total savings dropped from $400 and now it says $120 and that's because now the Volume Price Discounting is being applied progressively. What does that mean? Let’s go back into the Store Admin and I'll show you. So I have 20 boots in my basket and that's enough of a quantity to trigger this Volume Pricing. Boots 1 through 9 don't fall into this pricing table, so I'm buying them at full price. Boots 10 to 19 fall into this first-tier of savings so they're going to go for a $10 discount each. Boot number 20 on the other hand falls into a different tier savings. That one triggers $20 of savings because we're applying the progressive pricing method for this price group.

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