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Generate Coupon Docs#


<mvt:item name="generatecoupon" param="Generate_Coupon()" />


If no parameters are passed, the function will use the configuration options set in the admin.


This function has 7 parameters which can be used to override the page default settings.

pricegroup_name This is the price group (discount) the coupon will reference
code_prefix This is the prefix you want the code to start with. It will automatically be appended with random alphanumeric characters.
eligibility Valid values are X / Current Customer – The custom MUST be logged in at the time the coupon is generated for this to work. It will generate a coupon tied to that specific customer. If this is selected and the customer is not logged in, no coupon will be generated.
A/ All Shoppers – Any shopper can use the coupon up to the Max Use / Max User Per Shopper settings
L / All Logged In Customers – Any customer who is logged in can use the coupon
limit Number of days coupon is valid for, starting on the time it was generated
maxusetot Total number of times the coupon can be used
maxuseshp Total number of time a unique shopper can use the coupon
storage_variable Variable to store generated coupon data


Calling Generate_Coupon() without parameters will generate a coupon using the configuration on the Generate Coupon tab. To override these settings for additional coupons pass the first six parameters listed above to the function. By default, all of the generated coupon data is stored in the l.settings:generatecoupon:coupon variable. Optionally, you may save the coupon details to a custom variable by passing the variable name as the seventh parameter.

Default Example#

<mvt:item name="generatecoupon" param="Generate_Coupon()" />

Override Example#

<mvt:item name="generatecoupon" param="Generate_Coupon( 'my_discount', 'MYDISCOUNT', 'A', 10, 1, 1 )" />

Override Example With Custom Variable#

<mvt:item name="generatecoupon" param="Generate_Coupon( 'my_discount', 'MYDISCOUNT', 'A', 10, 1, 1, g.custom_variable )" />



Debug Function#

Calling this function anywhere after a call to Generate_Coupon will output any errors registered during the coupon generation.

<mvt:item name="generatecoupon" param="Debug()" />