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Provide your buyers with a payment experience they already know and trust.

Amazon Pay

Adding Amazon Pay as a payment option on your site makes it easy for millions of customers to check-in and check out with information already stored in their Amazon account. Your customers will feel more confident buying from your site knowing that they are covered by the Amazon A-to-z Guarantee for qualifying purchases. REGISTER TODAY!

Amazon Pay is a third party checkout, similar to PayPal Express Checkout. There are a few differences between Amazon Pay and the old module, Checkout by Amazon:

Why Add Amazon Pay

  • Low, predictable costs. There are no hidden fees, add-ons for monthly use, set-up fees, cancellation fees, or fees for unused authorizations. Learn more
  • Keep customers on your site. With Amazon Pay,customers can quickly and easily pay with being redirected to a third-party website. You maintain control of the shopping experience from check-in to check-out.
  • Free fraud protection. With Amazon Payments, you get the same sophisticated fraud detection technology used by Amazon.com at no additional cost.
  • Increase sales. Capture sales from buyers who are reluctant to enter their information and increase loyalty byby extending the trust and convenience of the Amazon buy experience to your site.

Checkout by Amazon was discontinued in PR8 Update 11 and replaced with Amazon Pay.

Amazon Pay is a third party checkout, similar to PayPal Express Checkout. The following are a few benefits of Amazon Pay:

Amazon Pay

In-line verification. During checkout the customer uses a popup window to log into their Amazon account and does not leave your store.
In-line authorization. During checkout the customer uses a JavaScript widget to select payment and shipping options from their Amazon account and does not leave your store.
Supports your store Coupons
Shipping method is always selected from your Miva Merchant store.
Supports use of Miva Merchant shipping rules.

Amazon Ship To / Bill To Information

Amazon Pay is an "in-line" payment transaction, which means that customers go through the entire payment process without leaving your website. However, Amazon Pay does use an embedded "widget" (a piece of software) in the checkout process that lets customers sign into their Amazon accounts. During the payment process, customers can select Ship To / Bill To information from their Amazon account. The problem is, although Amazon will tell Miva Merchant what Ship To address the customer selected, they will not tell us what Bill To information the customer selected.

The fact that Amazon won't return Bill To information is not a big deal for Miva Merchant. We still have the Ship To information and that is good enough for most orders. However, some third-party order fulfillment products may respond with an error if there is no Bill To information.

To resolve this issue, Miva Merchant made a small change in 9.0004 to the way it works with Amazon Pay. When a customer uses Amazon Pay, the Ship To information is copied over to the Bill To fields.

To Register for Amazon Pay

You must register for the Amazon Pay service before you can use it in your Miva Merchant store.

  1. Go to: https://payments.amazon.com/sp/miva
  2. After entering your basic information and Miva as your ecommerce platform, click Submit
  3. You will be prompted to either login with your existing account or create a new account. Follow the steps to complete registration

To Enable Amazon Pay in Miva Merchant

After you register for the Amazon Pay service you can enable the feature in your Miva Merchant store.

  1. Go to Menu > Payments > Add/Remove Modules tab > Available Modules section.
  2. Click Install under Amazon Pay.

Merchant Id:, Access Key:, Secret Key:, Confirm Secret Key: Each of these fields is a credential that is created when you set up your Amazon Seller Account.

Currency Code: Select the currency code that you want to pass to Amazon. Usually this matches the currency you have set for your store (see Currency Formatting).

Transaction Timeout: After your customer completes checkout using Amazon Pay, Amazon gives you a certain amount of time to change the order. For example, after completing checkout in your store, the customer might call you and want to drop an item, add an item, or change the shipping or payment information. As a store manager or admin, you can log into the Miva Merchant admin interface, edit the customer's order, and make any necessary changes.

The transaction timeout is the amount of time, after checkout, that you will allow an order placed using Amazon Pay to be edited. If you set the transaction timeout to 30 minutes, and the customer calls you 1 hour after they complete checkout to change the order, you won't be able to resubmit the order to Amazon. In that case you would have to cancel the order and ask the customer to start over.

The max timeout you can enter in this field is 1,440 minutes (24 hours), which is the max allowed by Amazon.

Polling Interval: Amazon does some fraud processing before they authorize a transaction. The Polling Interval determines how often you want Miva Merchant software to contact Amazon to check on the transaction status. For example, if you set the Polling Interval to 30 minutes, Miva Merchant will contact Amazon every 30 minutes to get a status update on the order. For example:

  1. The customer completes checkout in real time, but the transaction is not yet authorized.
  2. If you edit the order in the Miva Merchant admin interface, the order status will be pending.
  3. The Miva Merchant software checks with Amazon every 30 minutes (or whatever you set the Polling Interval to) for an order status update.

Instantly Capture Payment (requires prior approval from Amazon): If you select this option, the funds will be captured as soon as Amazon marks the transaction as Authorized. If you do not select this option, you must:

  1. Wait until the order status is updated to Open.
  2. Edit the order in the Miva Merchant admin interface and click the Capture button.

Before you can use this feature in your Miva Merchant store you must contact Amazon and ask for it to be enabled in your Amazon seller account.

Server: If you select "Production", Amazon Pay will be enabled in your on-line store. Select "Sandbox" if you want to experiment with Amazon Pay in an isolated environment. Before you can select the sandbox option here you must have a sandbox setup with your Amazon seller account. Your Amazon sandbox will have separate credentials for Merchant ID, Access Key, and Secret Key, which you must also enter in this tab.

Amazon Pay In-line Checkout

If you enable Amazon Pay in-context checkout, the customer can do verification and authorization without leaving your store. But see also Enable In Context Checkout for the way that PayPal implements the same feature in a slightly different way.

Shopping Basket

Amazon Sign In

A popup window appears on top of the Basket Contents screen. The customer enters their Amazon account credentials and clicks the sign in button.

Address Book

The customer is now on a Miva Merchant page only used for Amazon Pay (Amazon Payments - OCST ). The address book shows all of the addresses in the customer's Amazon account. The customer selects a shipping address and clicks the Continue button.

Shipping Selection

This is the second custom Amazon Pay screen (Amazon Payments - OSEL). The customer selects a shipping method and clicks the Continue button.

Payment Information

This is the next custom Amazon Pay screen (Amazon Payments - OPAY). The screen shows the customer all of the payment methods that are enabled in their Amazon account. The customer selects a payment method and clicks the Continue button. The order is now complete. The status of the order will show up as "Pending" in the Miva Merchant admin interface until Amazon authorizes the transaction.


In the last checkout screen, the customer sees your standard invoice page (INVC).

Payment Processing is provided by Amazon Payments, Inc. For more information on Amazon Payment, Inc.’s money transmission licenses, click here.

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