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To Configure Payment Modules and Methods

Miva Merchant supports a large number of payment modules and methods and the exact steps to configure each one varies. The general process looks like this:

  1. Install a Payment Module. See To Add Payment Modules.
  2. Configure the Payment Module tab.
  3. In most cases, installing a payment module will add one or more tabs under Menu> Payments. For example, if you install the Amazon Payments module, you'll see a new tab: Menu> Payments > Amazon Payments tab

    Some Payment Modules support a number of payment methods. For example, Authorize.Net supports American Express, Visa, MasterCard, etc. When you configure the Payment Module tab, you select the payment methods that you want. The exact steps to configure each Payment Module tab are described throughout this chapter.

    Payment Method Rules

  4. Configure payment methods at the store level.
  5. After you select payment methods in a Payment Module tab, those methods will show up in: Menu> Payments > Payment Method Rules tab
  6. For example:

    3.1. You installed the Authorize.Net module.

    3.2. In the Authorize.Net Payment Services v3.1 tab, you selected American Express, Visa, and MasterCard as the payment methods.

    3.3. All of the payment methods that you selected will show up in the Menu> Payments > Payment Methods Rules tab.


    Payment Settings Rules

    See To Edit Payment Method Rules.

    3.4. If you double-click on a payment method, you'll open the Payment Method Rules dialog box. This dialog box has a number of settings that affect how the payment method works. The settings you choose here will be a store-wide default for all of your products.

    Payment Method Rules

  7. Configure payment methods at the product level (optional).
  8. You can also restrict payment methods at the product level:

    MenuCatalog > Products tab > edit product > Product tab > Payment Rules section.

    Edit Product


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