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PayPal Payments Standard

PayPal Payments Standard, also called PayPal Instant Payment Notification, is PayPal's oldest product.

If the customer selects this payment method in your store, they are taken to the PayPal site and can pay with any method they have configured in their account. Please note that you should not enable both Payments Standard and PayPal Express Checkout. There's very little difference between the two products, and if you enable both, the text "PayPal" will appear twice in the Pay With drop-down list.

Business Email: Your PayPal email address.
PayPal URL: The URL that Miva Merchant uses to make transaction requests. This field is auto-populated and you should never need to change it.
Currency: Select the currency for payments that you receive. Usually this matches the currency you have set for your store (see Edit Store > Settings > Currency Formatting drop-down list.)
Prompt Shoppers for Shipping Address (on PayPal side): If you enable this option, when the customer reaches the PayPal website they will be prompted to confirm the shipping address that they have on file with PayPal. The most secure method you can use to guarantee the customer's shipping address is to enable this option and the next option "Use Customer's PayPal Shipping Address". You've asked the customer to confirm their shipping address, and you are guaranteeing that your on-line store will ship to that address.
Use Customer's PayPal Shipping Address for Miva Merchant Orders: If you enable this option, the address that the customer has on file with PayPal will be used as their shipping address. See above.
Message: The message that you enter in this field will appear in the OPAY (Payment Information) page in your on-line store. Merchants usually use this field to explain to the customer that, when the customer clicks the Submit button in the Payment Information page, they will be taken to the PayPal website to complete payment. When they've finished paying, they will automatically return to the INVC (Invoice) page in your on-line store.
Instructions: These instructions describe how to configure your PayPal Payments Standard account so that an order is correctly created in your Miva Merchant store. If you don't configure your PayPal account correctly, you will receive payment from your customer, but the order might not be created in your on-line store, or it might not be created correctly. You will receive payment, but you might not have enough information to fulfill the order.

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